It's Monday morning (March 27) around 9:30 a.m. The Ballard Bridge goes down, and southbound traffic takes off like a big stinky herd. All of a sudden at the end of the bridge (just before the underpass), the left lane comes to a quick stop and everyone is sitting again. Why? We're not sure. However, since the right lane is clear, you decide you're too important to be delayed another second, so you pull out and hit the gas from your position, 20 cars back.

Well, guess what? Everyone had stopped to let TWO BIG BEAUTIFUL GEESE walk across the street. Then, all of us in the left lane watched in horror as you RAN OVER A GOOSE! No brake lights or anything! WHAT THE FUCK?! How can you not see a fucking GOOSE in the road? Especially TWO of them? They're HUGE! And you had, like, a solid 15 seconds to see it before running it down!! This was no "accident." This was cold-blooded murder! It's people like you who epitomize urban ignorance with inexcusable acts of careless destruction!

DON'T RUN OVER GEESE and don't forget to GO TO HELL!

-- Anonymous