Hibernation season has hit, and I have little interest in doing anything that cannot be done on the couch. Occasionally, I am certain that I am turning to stone, from the inside out, starting with my stomach.

Weirdly, reading about the Argosy Christmas Ship roused me. From December 1–23, the Argosy Christmas Ship sails to different waterfront neighborhoods, complete with onboard choirs to serenade residents. Lucky folks with their own boats join the Christmas Ship on the water to form a "floating parade." Onshore, neighbors gather around a bonfire to sing carols and do other holiday things, and, most important, to make s'mores.

The best s'more marshmallow is one that has been roasted carefully in the fire, moved close to the orange center, then held there until it is moments away from being burnt. The outside is deep brown and crackly with a few charred flakes, its insides gooey and liquidy and hot enough to melt the chocolate it meets inside two Honey Maid graham crackers.

The idea of gathering by the lake, sandwiched between singing strangers, fighting off the cold and darkness with fire and food and company makes my stone-cold insides melt. recommended

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