Allegedly it is spring, but right now it's snowing outside, which makes me want to crawl back into bed. Winter in the Northwest definitely takes a toll—all this interminable gray and dampness has left me downright sorry and sad. And the winter doldrums have, distressingly, extended to eating. For the last two weeks I've felt lazy and uninspired about what to eat next, and have cooked rice and beans more times than I would like to admit. Yesterday, my boyfriend, one of the more active, health-conscious people I know, confessed to me that he ate five cheeseburgers in three days. Clearly, it is time for a change.

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We are turning to The Box—a box of seasonal assorted organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your door. While I do my best to look for and cook with seasonal produce from the co-op and farmers' markets, the element of surprise that the box promises excites me. I'm hoping it will lead to new creations, new favorite dishes.

I was sad to hear about the recent sale of Pioneer Organics, one of the more popular organic-vegetable box-delivery outfits in the area, to Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD), a Vancouver, B.C.–based company that's quickly buying up other, smaller organic-delivery companies. But it reminded me that in Seattle we're lucky—there's no shortage of local companies and farms willing to bring lovely produce to your doorstep every week.

Organic vegetable delivery is available from:

Nature's Last Stand

New Roots Organics

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Full Circle Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

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