People tend to eat more barbecue during the summer, but I remain unconvinced that this is how it should be. Certainly smoked meat should be enjoyed all year long, but I'd like to advocate for barbecue consumption to reach its apex during the dark and dreary, winter months. Barbecue is the meat lovers version of soup (a winter staple)—ingredients slow cooked to soft perfection at a low temperature for many hours, the spices and ingredients allowed to fully commingle. With its depth of flavor—not to mention the time and love required to make it—barbecue should be the official food of the holidays. I aspire to marry a man with his own meat smoker, but for now, I could love the man who brings me a pound of rib tips from R&L "Home of Good BBQ" for Christmas.

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Seattle's finest takeout and catered holiday barbecue is available from:

Smokin' Pete's BBQ, 1918 NW 65th St, 783-0454 (Now offering smokedspiral hams!!)

Willie's Taste of Soul BBQ, 6305 Beacon Ave S, 722-3229 (For $3.50 per pound, Willie's will deep-fry a turkey for you. Two days notice required and 13-pound-maximum turkey.)

Pig Iron Bar-B-Q, 5602 First Ave S, 768-1009

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Jones Barbecue, 3216 S Hudson St, 725-2728; 2454 Occidental Avenue, suite 3A, 625-1339; 3810 S Ferdinand St, 722-4414; Crossroads Shopping Mall, 15600 NE Eighth St, Bellevue, 425-746-3955

R&L "Home of Good BBQ," 1816 E Yesler Way, 322-0271

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