Duck, for better or worse, isn't something I ever think of cooking for myself, but if it appears on a menu, I am always tempted to order it. There's just something about rich, dark, moist, fatty, crispy duck that makes it a special, decadent sort of treat—a craving to indulge rather than a hunger to satisfy. I also love me a good bargain, so Campagne's annual "Twenty-Buck Duck" special—a two-course, $20, prix-fixe duck dinner available throughout January—offers a rare and particular joy. Before the end of the month, it is advisable to fancy yourself up and head to Campagne for some poached duck eggs with mushrooms and arugula, duck-leg confit, or duck consommé (with dumplings!).

To me there are only a few things that can surpass the pleasure of extravagance on the cheap, and they all involve my couch and me in my underpants (especially in January). Equally appealing as an evening at Campagne would be a quick trip to King's Barbeque House (AKA Chinese barbecue heaven) for a freshly hacked-up whole duck to go with a side of Netflix.