Every other month, I look forward to flipping over the new issue of Cook's Illustrated to get schooled by the exquisitely detailed illustrations on the back cover. Whether the feature is on herbs, eggplants, or apples, I usually get embarrassingly excited and begin to salivate, but I've never actually drooled—until this month, when I came to the luscious likeness of the Kumamoto oyster, its deep cup of a shell and plump, sweet meat. Yeow.

Oyster season is here and it's time for the people of the Pacific Northwest to go appropriately crazy. Flying Fish will host its fourth annual Oyster Frenzy on Saturday, October 28, from 1:00—4:00 p.m. For just $25, you may slurp, shoot, and shove down all the oysters you can eat. (This is gluttony at its finest; at last year's Oyster Frenzy 7,200 oysters were consumed in three hours.)

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In other good news, November is the start of Flying Fish's Oyster Happy Hour. From November until May, oysters are available for just 25 cents each at the bar, Monday—Friday from 5:00—6:00 p.m.

*Apologies to the incomparable M. F. K. Fisher, whose book Consider the Oyster—filled with recipes, stories, and trivia—is by far the best tribute to the oyster in existence.

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