Since Grant knows nothing about electronic music, and Dave listens to it even in his sleep, we're doing this Expert Tease as a semiregular column for both enthusiasts and newbs. Enjoy! —Eds.

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Metro Area

Where are these dudes from?

They seem to shuttle between New York City and New Jersey. Metro Area's Morgan Geist went to college at Oberlin University, which is partially why their music is so good—nothing bad has ever come out of Oberlin's music department.

It's very minimal, 4/4, with lots of hand claps. What would you call this?

Smart, sexy club music that straddles disco, house, and electro. Their tracks want to help you to get laid on the first date yet still allow you to respect yourself in the morning.

Where else in Seattle might one find music like this (other than at this edition of TROUBLE)?

The house-oriented events thrown by Uniting Souls (typically at Baltic Room or Electric Tea Garden) sometimes include music like Metro Area's, as does TRUST, held every third Saturday at Baltic Room, and Re-bar's long-running Flammable party, which goes off every Sunday like a nocturnal church service in which 4/4 beats and the people who play them are God. And, if you ask nicely, the swell fellas who run Slowpøke on third Mondays at the Living Room bar might comply.

Who are some of the bigger acts in the neighborhood of Metro Area's sound? What about local acts?

Swayzak, Holy Ghost!, Tiger & Woods, Hercules and Love Affair, and, of course, Crazy Penis. Locals: Pezzner, Hanssen, and LawnChair Generals.

What could one expect—non-­musically—from this party?

Conversation about obscure, underground disco classics released during the Carter administration; dissemination of tips about hair products; testimonials about gym memberships; animated chatter about where to get mixers repaired and developments in music software programs; body odor; establishing of lifelong friendships; and the abundant exchanging of business cards and bodily fluids.

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Will you be taking hallucinogenic mushrooms?

I will not, because I have to get up early in the morning to burn a church. You need to be mentally sharp when handling fire, know what I'm sayin'? However, sometimes any little mental boost can help you more properly savor five hours of expertly selected electro/disco/house jams. recommended

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