LADYCAKES ♥♥ I can't wait to marry you! You are the sweetest lady. Here's to our best V-Day yet. I love you! - BeanCuddler

miss kading ♥♥ Before you take my name, it's like your favorite song has always said 'this will be our year, took a long time to come.' I love you.

Pledge your vote for Tammy Morales for D2 for a Green New Deal for Seattle. Vote by Aug 6. ♥♥ DATE NIGHT: Let's get some $7 steaks from QFC and watch CASH CAB until 7 pm, and which time we'll jam on the keyboard and listen to records. You in?

Titus, super softy ♥♥ You like dry food, the bed, and being alone. I like wet food, the couch and company. We couldn't be more different, but we're perfect for each other.

DEAR BEAN-LOVER ♥♥ You are the best valentine gift a girl could ever want. I am so excited to marry you! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life rubbing your tummy.

Love the Kitty ♥♥ My lover sleeps in silent grace she wears a smile upon her face. The secrets of joy she shares with me. As simple as 1 2 3. (Life, Love and Family.)

Henry-devilish tabby ♥♥ Despite your incessant pissing, I'm not sure who else I would rather snuggle up by the fire with. You're a fruitcake, but I love ya. - Titus

To Ted (or Edward) ♥♥ Happy V-Day, darlin'! It's so great to know I finally have someone to hate the holiday with! Love you to bits, and thanks for makin' me smile. Love, 'mantha

It's a Butterfly..! ♥♥ A beautiful, beloved butterfly! Thanks for sharing in a relationship that I won't soon forget, nor will I ever let leave my heart! I Love You! 'Xan

*~*~* 5 *~*~* ♥♥ I think (what we perceive as) the universe was laughing when it brought us together two yrs ago on Valentine's Day. To more laughter! Love & kisses *z

Barb Hearts Sierra ♥♥ Here's to one hell of a hot one night stand -- 11 years of hot one nighters, and still counting. You're my best thing.

oving overs ove ♥♥ If you got the headline then you know I mean - you. LLL. Don't make me wait.

Colm, my love-- ♥♥ Happy Valentines Day from me and Puddy Tat! We adore you. XO, Lisa

Steve W. ♥♥ According to MariaMagazine, you have been voted, "The Sexiest Man Alive" by your #1 fan. Thank you for loving me. You've won my heart & I love you.

* * * VIVIAN * * * ♥♥ I LOVE U, BABY! I want to dance with you till the end of time. I don't think I tell you enough how proud I am of you. YOU ROCK! YOURS FOREVER, JM

Something good ♥♥ Everyday gets better and better. First an apartment, then Florida, then Ben. I just know that something good is gonna happen. I love you.

Hey guy... ♥♥ I love you, boy! Maybe we can go out sometime, just me and you. What do you think? You're such a good friend, lover, and dad! Happy Valentine's Day!

HLC ♥♥ I followed you home because I knew that night that you're perfect for me. You keep getting prettier & I wander around in amazement - loved by you.

Beautiful Becki ♥♥ You have made my life sooo special...I love u soo much...Thanks for being there for me always and forever!!!...I love you with all my heart....

JAMIE THE FISHERMAN ♥♥ I'll steer your boat if you bait my hook. Love always, The Woman in Waders

emma/ babylove ♥♥ You're the raddest daughter ever! I love u high as the sky, big as the ocean and then some!

Ode to an asian ♥♥ Oh, dear Kat, you are four feet of pure...wonderousness? I am at a loss of words, possibly because I am stupid, but possibly because you are just awesome.

To my Dead Dan: ♥♥ Baby, come back to Seattle. I miss waking up stuck to you. Come sleep in my bed and tell me more lies. You know I love them all. <3 R.

Wouldn't It be Nice. ♥♥ You're my first love, & only. Hickville sucks, you're lucky you're not stuck here for one more year. I miss you like crazy. Even your obsession w/ Beach Boys.

Handsome husband ♥♥ Just wanted to say I love you. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, AC

doxology ♥♥ David P., I met u at the in-store, & u stared at my boobs. I will let u grope me if I can get backstage at Bumbershoot. Love, Steph

To: Trevor ♥♥ You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you very, very much, Trevor. <3grace

Simply complex boy ♥♥ You incite neuroses. No more fighting.

SCARO-TEASE ♥♥ I love everyday that we have together; you're sharp as a blade, quick as a whip, and all that anyone could ever ask for! *D loves you!

LIZZAH! ♥♥ because you make being single okay! let's be each others lovers for a day!

knuckles ♥♥ You are so KICK ASS! I just wanted to say thanks for the last RAD few months! There are more to come, and new things to do....<3 little miss U

J. B. ♥♥ You are my art school dream boy. Thank you for waiting for me. I'm glad you took the chance and moved out West to Seattle. I adore you!

Boobiest BooBear ♥♥ How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.. pink slippers, real kisses, always laughter. Sharing return labels with you is bliss. You're my love, Boo!

Kyle is a man-babe. ♥♥ Two years and I could still drink a case of you. I love you. kaia

MY BAKERY PEEPS! ♥♥ Jami, Sydney, Julie, Debra, Oscar; Happy Valentine's Day! May it be filled with leprechauns and hot sauce! xoxo Kirsti

CLM ♥♥ What are you waiting for? EJF

indygirl ♥♥ Danielle=all.i.need

My Savage Love ♥♥ TK, I love your spirit, your mind, your body and soul. You are the love of my life. - JR

Your Massive Guns ♥♥ Dear Rickanator, I see u at the gym, and I want to sex ur buff body on the bench press. Love, Tep

To E: ♥♥ You are my 7-letter-bingo-word stretching from one red square to another--a perfect fit, a million points. Woo-Woo. I pick you again.

Here Fishy, Fishy... ♥♥ You are the best present a girl could ever ask for and I'm so glad that you are in my life. I love you with all my heart. Always keep that in mind.

A Dozen Dead Roses ♥♥ Enjoy this day whoever you're with. I still care, sorry. Just here to let you know I'm thinking about you, E, even if you've stopped thinking about me.

My Love Snack Myke ♥♥ U R the best thing to happen since cheese in a can; & we both know how Fantastic that is! So my little cracker, come home for a cheesy love sandwich.

ROBIN, ♥♥ you are my favorite. XO, JENNY

My Stinkbug ♥♥ Stinkbug~ You made a mistake but you've made it up. I know from now that you won't let me down. I will always be your girl. Love You. ~Kit Kat

LOUIS V. IS FINE ♥♥ I have da BIGGEST crush on u, u sooo effin fine, boi. Holla at me sumtime n meybi we can kick it at Lil Ceezarz or sumthin. -Gertie da Cutie

You are my Etan ♥♥ Always and forever. I just wish you could love yourself as much as I love you, and I wish that my love for you was enough to keep you sober. - Poopie

FKLZ CLOWN- You rock ♥♥ I haven't been the same since u filled my soul with sparkles. DON'T forget about late nights, playing in the dark... or waking up inside my arms, boy.

Happiness = R'n'R ♥♥ Mikey Moo, je t'offre une douzaine de petits baisers, un bisou pour chaque annee de bonheur que tu m'as donnee. Dirty Flower xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

ode to the search ♥♥ Wasting time with the slightly unworthy--who will be the one to cherish and love me like I deserve? Is it you?

Hey Pretty Lady ♥♥ Lady - I am never happier than when I'm with you. You are perfect for me. I want to devote myself to you indefinitely. I love you. - Sammy

dance-bounce-wiggle! ♥♥ To JCB- We were lovers, we were kissers, we were holders of hands, we were make-believers....and I'm still in love!!

bend a spoon ♥♥ I saw you at the spent boon: mint cookie ice cream and raspberry sorbet. I was fondling your ass. Poke my badger with said bent spoon.

I love you super! ♥♥ Happy Love Day to you and the fats magoo....super snuggle bebees!

My *STAR,* Melyssa ♥♥ F#@! the boyz - literally!! And then move on!! Who needs R.G. when ya' got your gal pal, C?? Happy Valentine's!! You are loved.

<3 Kisses Erik <3 ♥♥ My love, you have done so much for me... I will forever love you and need you deep inside of me (heart and other places) wink wink... Kisses, Carla love U

Fun Is The Law! ♥♥ This is to Nik, you're awesome and I appreciate everything you do for me!

Papa Dada Bob! ♥♥ Mooo, baaa, roar, woffwoff, meow...ohh. ABCDE, 12345__8910! Up. UP! You're the BEST PAPA EVER! Tank you. More. Cuggle, please. I love you. Gideon xo

MLEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ Ur the greatest! Thanks 4 wasting time @ Linda's & listening 2 me rant. PLUR, PPS, TOUR, SPLASH! AM! Shows, D-GIRLS 4 LIFE! xo always! <3, mkristin!

To my great friends, ♥♥ Phoeberella & Jakubi! May we always have nights of wine, music, food, & Soren. Here's 2 truth, love, art & beauty! Shine on U crazy diamonds! <3, KR*

Kr1ssyK1tty ♥♥ I never knew anyone could make me so happy! Let's stick our fingers in each others asses and cum all night. I"ve always loved you and will till I die.

Darintecca ♥♥ I love you, and your cute ass!

BAD OTIS!!! way 2 ♥♥ break my mudafuckn <3 u assholes. What am i going 2 do w/ this huge chest tattoo in thug letters? I gave u the best years of my life, bitches. xo4ever!

My Love of All Lives ♥♥ Sweetie, seeing you as a Papa & going thru these 2 years together just makes me love you more. One lifetime is not enough. More please. I love you! Amy

To my gangster ♥♥ Thanks for putting up with my inability to admit that I am head over heels in love with a woman...Happy Valentine's Day!...Love your twisted straight girl

For Louisa... ♥♥ Oh, Louisa. Here is my special lovely valentine for you. You're adorable and smart, and even though you won't show your bassoon, I still luv you. - FP

buoni sogni bello. ♥♥ Io penso che tu sei il piu bell'uomo a Seattle. Non posso imaginare una citta' senza te. Even if you can't take compliments, I think you're real cute.

Ms Sara Lee & Dove ♥♥ Much love to you and your little babies, from your "sweet-cheeks" across the sea in Germanyland, Brighid

roll in the caddy. ♥♥ Fun times to be had in the El Dorado. Fun times to be had in the rain. I think you're fucking rad and don't want you to stop anytime soon. xox, ugly

mi amore marianne ♥♥ Oh honey, I'd swim across the Atlantic just to be near to you. I'm hoppin' like a kangaroo. You're worth all those parking tickets. Love, acacia

To My Benny ♥♥ You are the chocolate in my mocha, the pickle on my hamburger, the cheese in my nachos, the frosting on my cupcake. I LOVE YOU, baby

to my two stooges ♥♥ My other two thirds—Chelsea and Ursula—you are amazing. Happy Valentine's Day with much love. All for one and one for all! xoxo louisa.

PL LOVES LP ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, cupcake. Let's smash faces and cuddle. Love Pauly.

BOO-BOO KITTYFUCK! ♥♥ I c u everyday I wake up, think of u ever day I'm awake. I loved none before and none since. U are the best thing 2 happen 2 me. I love you, Jennifer

Lulu Vendetta ♥♥ You are the ocean, You are the stream, You shine like water, You are my wet dream. What happened to you, Saren? I miss you in Oly. Lulu where are you? Eppy

Lost Kitten ♥♥ Sitting in a black room with black light. Drinking to love and to the night. Crouching like you're ready to attack My love for you forever in your back.

SURFING THE CLOWNS ♥♥ Your toliet seat loves you more than it can profess. Where week after week you read the smut that gets printed in this rag of a paper. Fuck you, hair lip

To the Lovely Maria ♥♥ Pirate - the question is, have YOU ever been with a sailor? Every/any day looks good on my calendar. Love you lots.

To Yayoi T. ♥♥ Dear friend, what would I do without you? Here's to future adventures and a long friendship. I miss you and I love you. Rebecca G.

My favorite husband ♥♥ Christopher Ian, you broke my hymen and stole my heart. You are the best and most favorite husband I've ever had. STFU baby. Love you, Lobster Momster

Daddy Waggy Zizzle ♥♥ You are my favorite wonk. I look forward to many happy years of feet slapping chode pinching fun with you. Kisses!

HATE ♥♥ Assume the position! I'm gonna wax your balls and give ya a good spankin' this year. You're still the sexiest boy in my book. Betty X XOXO

james ♥♥ Just wanted to say I love you. Marry me (when its legal...), Michael

I love your hot ass! ♥♥ PICKLE AT LEFTIES I've heard that you streak. I want to see that! You are the hottest guy I've ever seen. We should meet up. -your secret lover

Chad Loves Kris ♥♥ Kris, I love you very much. Happy 12th Valetine's Day! Love, Chad

Here's to 4 years! ♥♥ Happy valentine's day Dave-O! Can't believe it has been 4 years. We have been through so much some how we always pull through. I LOVE YOU! Jen

DJ Djozuff ♥♥ My mama taught me about STRANGER danger; thank God I didn't listen! 10 years after meeting here and still lovin', sharin' and carin'! I love you-Gary

I love you Vincent! ♥♥ Thank you for being the best boyfriend ever! I love you so much. Have a great Valentine's Day. Love, Isa

Bubba Luv ♥♥'re my Bubba.

mooonlightin' ♥♥ mmmmmmmmmmmmsogood! And so beautiful. Be mine, pierre

I Love my love ♥♥ We met at Stevens and I told myself I would marry you someday. Two years later and you're wearing my ring. I can't wait to spend my life with you, Val.

I <3 Conny B! ♥♥ She's way more than just a cum bucket. Don't be mad that I mentioned it.

Ellie W. ♥♥ Roses are red, And violets are blue. You're through with DrugBoy, So now we can screw... A W. Hartung original... Much love.

Cute Lush Budden ♥♥ You put the a$$ in passive aggressive. Saw you at the Colin Meloy show, loved your luscious short hair and scandalous attire. We miss your lovin! <3GOM

HEY ALEXIS ♥♥ Maybe this will help me to remember to do something special for your last Valentine's Day as a single lady! If not, please kick me, hard. *kiss* - SEAN

Tabouche sur le mien ♥♥ Depuis El Gaucho il y a deux ans, je ne peux pas ne dire non à toi. Tu me fais le swoon. Je tu veux pour moi seul. Seulement tu. Maintenant. Pour toujours.

Dr. T. ♥♥ A lame poem for the poet, Love you and you know it, Happy V-Day! XO, ddd

SIX FEET TALL!! ♥♥ Hot cha cha! You're a HOT HOT valentine! You melt the butter on my pancakes and drip sticky stuff too. Hot sausages, anyone? XOXOXO

Origami hottie ♥♥ Eduardo—Happy two years, babe. Sometimes it's been like jumping off smiley face, sometimes like a lazy float down the Yakima. I love you, Shaneequa.

TO JV ♥♥ You know what? FUCK VALENTINES. I love you darlink, and we are awesome. One day we will find people who realize that. Until then, we'll stick together.

Margaret Jean ♥♥ You have always been beautiful.

My Gold Miner Hubby ♥♥ Thank you for saving me from a life of misery and loneliness. You truly are my knight in shining leather. I am so happy to be your wife. Love, LB

Brunette budonkidonk ♥♥ Oh baby, you make my carrot pop and my Cheetos cheesier. I love you a lot and I love Mayah too. I love budonkidonk, and she loves me. Michael

Giovanni Valentine ♥♥ You are the violin player to my barnacle blend, the eater of my cookin', the Grace to my Will, the antics to my silent laugh. Make me laugh, Valentine.

West Coast lovin' ♥♥ We miss you, Miss Mary, as much as you miss us. You should leave the evil East and come back where everything fits. Be my cross-continental Valentine.

TO THE URBAN FAMILY ♥♥ As we move in and out of Heather Court, I rejoice in the memories of our early infancy. Here's to our new tween health, habits, and Project Runway. LS

KMS to you.... ♥♥ Happy V Day! May this be your best one yet. Much much love. XO JLW

I Love Australia! ♥♥ And I especially love a particular Australian girl:-) Shes beautiful and funny and can shake it with the best of them! Happy Valentine's Day, Cute Face!

Pak Sensei ♥♥ No one teaches nihongo like you do. Anata wa utsukushi yume. Suki da.

Jamie Aeroplane ♥♥ I adore you more than all the other Aeroplanes and Jamies that are in this world. You belong in the sky, but if you must land, please do in Seattle.

jamal w. this is for u ♥♥ I love U & U don't need 2 say it back. Just know I care about U. Happy Valentine's Day, Babe. Thanks for all the kisses, laughs, and love. Yours truely, sheana


SKINNY ♥♥ Babe, you mean the world to me, and you're all that I could ask for. I love you and hope our Valentine's Day is all that we're hoping for. Love, Stephanie

trout troll ♥♥ Kwan. I love you. Monique

To my favorite puta ♥♥ Four years now, but who's counting? I merely hope that four years from NOW, wherever we may be, we're having deliciously illicit love affairs with each other.

NAHA rules! ♥♥ I love Naha! So do you, so show your love by voting for Naha here:

Dearest Aubrey! ♥♥ To my friend, coworker, and faux lesbian girlfriend. I always have the best time with you - it has been a wonderful year, chica! Cheers to another!

Naturally in Love ♥♥ What comes natural to me is loving you. You're in my heart forever, and forever on my mind. It may take time, but will you be mine?

Cookie ♥♥ You make my life so much sweeter. Mwah and roar.

honey Baby, s. f. ♥♥ Dearest Sandra, I love you so much and I hope you you have an amazing life. Your true love, chris.

LSH, joy of my life ♥♥ First time in 10 years I can't offer you anything spiritual or kinky for Valentine's Day. I will remember you. Weep not for the memories. Your exboytoy

Eww, Ciera Joy! ♥♥ You're the lit fire that has been burning up my heart and my bedroom. I love you so much, it's gross. -Dan! *We are SO the new power couple in town!*

Dearest Miss Thang: ♥♥ Remember that night in Mexico, when it rained so hard we had to hide under the air mattress? Wherever we are you make it worthwhile. Happy Valentine's.

puddleduck ♥♥ Attention-this is a transmission from Murffles-Attention: You are loved. Repeat: are loved. Transmission out. Long Live Murffles.

I LOVE MY ROCK STAR ♥♥ How can i not love a man who writes me songs, draws me pictures, calls me all day long and shows me each day how much he loves me I love you Jeff.tina

Mari loves Aud! ♥♥ How much I love you!! I cannot wait for our road trip together! We make a killer team (lights and paper). I love my best friend! <3 IS


Izzy my love ♥♥ I love you so hard, honeybunny, and I'll never leave you because you alls I got, baby. Waiting for the apt, barely. I yearn for you tragically, aud.

you and i are gems ♥♥ It is the dust that hangs in the air, and the grime upon our lenses, that distorts our vision. Wipe clean your lenses and see yourself, and I, shine.

*STREIFENHOERNCHEN* ♥♥ I love you, I am happy that you're doing much better lately and I'll always have a bag of delicious nuts for you! But baby, please wash yo ass! :)

To HOT Dr. S-Butt ♥♥ How did I get so lucky? I love each morning I squeeze your butt & shake my boobies in your face. Have I told you in print that I love you? Kiss, muggy

Liz O' My Heart ♥♥ I got yours, and you got mine, and what we got is o' so fine; will you be my valentine? -Your lovin' ranger

Missing Puzzle Piece ♥♥ "Let us be husbands as well as wives to each other." Thank you, my girl, for loving me completely. I'm whisking you off to Paris. Be mine? I'm so yours.

To the lady I love ♥♥ If I know what love is, it is because of you. Happy V-Day, Lady -Your Jujubee

Story of Us ♥♥ Stone, Almost four years later and finally 2,206 miles closer, I find myself adoring you more than ever. Will you remain mine? Un Bacio, Leena

ANNA (BBKF) ♥♥ Your Dumb Bastard loves you and always will, no matter what. Happy Valentine's Day my pet. xoxo

Black Irish Jew ♥♥ Oh how I love you! Ewe not stupid. Ewe be fluffy. Can I get a bite Mr. McF? From your friend, scammer

Karrie H. is smokin' ♥♥ Just like my soccer balls when I see her hot ass. David B. wants to bend you over.

Hey Sunny D ♥♥ You still got the good stuff kids go for? How bout a tall boy?

To Jason From Kimmie ♥♥ Sweetheart, you are the man for me. I just want you to know that I love you with all of my heart, body and soul. Happy Valentines Day, Darling. <3

D and N Love K ♥♥ We both love you very much. More than psyduck or garage door. XOXOX



Shawn S. ♥♥ I love you, I need you, I want you everyday. Love, AK

Big Fat Daddy ♥♥ Dad, Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you enjoy the day. Can't wait to go skiing in the Spring! Love, Lisa Lou

Carla Loves August ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! I am looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday night. You are Amazing! I Love You! Love, Carla

i love thee covenly ♥♥ Chloe A., Hailee G., Lady Juanita, Lady Love, Laurielea, Lizzzomatic, Samuela Star, Sierra L, Sofii K, and all the shadow creatures. Love, Kendromedea

Hey Booger! ♥♥ Almost a year of marriage, and you still haunt me like the sounds of lost whales! Thanks for putting up with residency. Brazilward we go!

Chubby ♥♥ I Love you Chubby, UR my man. Oh Sweet Chubby, understand that I need U Chubby, in my life and I dream someday Chubby, I'll be your wife. Love, Bunny

ANNABELLE, my sweet ♥♥ I love you with all of me. Thank you for your care, your support, your genuine kindness & love. I look forward to what this year brings. - Marty

Fow my Biw Wewi ♥♥ Goddess Wiw, just wanna senk my deawest Biw Pwiest for chhooooooo many things incwuding such a beautifuw yeaw. Wiw Wewi wuvs Biw Wewi wewwy wewwy much.

Aw yea you like that ♥♥ Hey Daddy, you are pretty much the best valentine ever. From hitting the shuttle cock around to watching big head, it's all good times! Love, Daddy

From the God of War ♥♥ Here's to falling in love again with the good, the bad, and those amazing moments that make these stupid things all worth it. Happy St. Valentine's Day, sweetheart. From your God of War xoxox

pretty oh'dell, ♥♥ I am all yours. Love, beara

Darlinghest, ♥♥ Will you marry me on what would have been our anniversary had we not forgotten to get married last year? Oh, please say you will. Yours, C. Marie

PUFFIN! ♥♥ Happy Valentines day, I love you forever and always. -Nerb.

My beautiful cobweb ♥♥ You do so much and give away so much of yourself. I may be cynical but I'm so glad you're in my life. Love you.

IN OUR KITCHEN ♥♥ We're surfing the web across from each other on our laptops. I'm looking at porn—are you? How about we shut down our computers and get it on? Be mine?

Lord Chunksworth888 ♥♥ I declare! You are the finest! There is no finer husband to be found! No other's skeleton is more delicious! I Love you always, Lady Lumpington88888888

l*** ♥♥ Let's fall in love again and see what happens. Or we can stare at pretzels in the grocery store for another hour...

Jenn ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, -Your Friendly Acquaintance.

Douche ♥♥ You are the best birthday present I've ever gotten. Happy six months! Here's to many more Valentine's Days. I love your sweet ass. -Danielle

FNB Forever! ♥♥ O my lovelies, you are my favourite people ever! There will always be sleepovers and rainbow-chip frosting and skinny-dipping in my head. (I love you!)

Michael ♥♥ Don't you just love me? Cuz I just love you the mostest.

Large Mother Bear ♥♥ Whazzup girl? Happy V-Day! Big Poppa luvs U! Don't go changin' EVER, baby! You are the irradiated phosphuorence in my life! Thanks for workin' that ass.

Dennis K@Seaebu ♥♥ Bad hair will never let you woller in his mud pussy, but I'll ride your manure spreader on the farm in Enumclaw. I am only one wall away, Danny-boy

I HEART DIANYSAURUS ♥♥ T-rex have short arm and bronty long neck wan be my val-tine what the heck?

Its Loggins Time!!!! ♥♥ Dear Ice-Murph, Goose (Cam), Cougar, Courtney, Bobcat, (Viper) Ali, Tomakeout, TomKatie, Wolfman (skeet), Slider, and Loggins Time et al. LOVE MAV

Nicholas B. ♥♥ Let me count the ways. I love you to the skinny, the tall, the Duran Duran, the Yoda and Dr. Evil, the St. Mark's Choirboy, and all the way to Chile.

My Hot Toddy ♥♥ Happy Vantine's Day Sally! You are the sexiest, smartest, funniest, warmest, coolest, and sweetest wife. Thanks for everything. Love, Dom

My Seth Plush Doll ♥♥ You said to me: "You fill a part of my heart that I never knew existed." I couldn't agree more. I love you so much and I always will. Stephanie

EMILY J.!! ♥♥ I love you! Thank you for feeding me and warning me about the cat. Sorry I oversleep and miss you sometimes. Love, FLOP (and all the Fluffs too)

Tom: Six months to go ♥♥ I love you more than my iPod, more than cupcakes, more than a Boundary Bay pint, more than any job I'll ever have. Can't wait to be with you.

Thomas G.! ♥♥ I love you from here <-- to here --> The long way! Thank you for being my best friend, & the best partner. I love you in the forever kind of way. :J

To my Snookie ♥♥ Doofus: The monorail brought us together, and now our love is running as an express. Thanks for all you do, and all your love. It's tickle time! -Dork

MILDRED LEE ♥♥ I miss you alls the time! Let's have an X-Files marathon with tator tots, wi-fi and gossip. No lesbian overtones. I'll keep my pants on. LOVE, LEIA

Schmoop Dogg ♥♥ Nate, you are the love of my life and I don't know who or what I would be w/out you. Each day is better than the last, and I can't wait for tomorrow.

JONAH & BENJAMIN - ♥♥ Thank you for being such great friends! XOXOXO - Your lost triplet, Logan

Vln loves tpt, pt. I ♥♥ To Mr. D.C.- Mrs. Egger has some tough competition—tu me fais tourner la tete. Love and kisses, ma coeur, N.

CHRISTIAN - ♥♥ Thank you for being the best husband and daddy in the world! Logan and I are very lucky to have you in our lives! XOXOXO - Kristin

My darling sloke! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day to the man who made ALL of my most wonderful dreams come true. You are my true love, my best friend, my husband. I love you!

*TO JOSH FROM MARA* ♥♥ Kitties are cute, cookies are sweet, robotech is awesome, avocado plants are neat. Coffee is cozy, biking is great, & you are the best bf in WA State.

Love and 14 Kisses ♥♥ Melinda, Billy, Mary, Dylan, Faelene, Starr, Ami, Danielle, Chris, Damon, Bethany, Stephanie, Rose, and Jamesy! My loveable buddies! XOX your Rampant Creepy Muppet

SCAMMER TO THE STARS ♥♥ With your book work finished, your homework has just begun. Looks like you're going to be a very busy busy busy busy busy valentine.

HOT at LRS ♥♥ WW- Here's to more naked wine tasting! Love u and what we did at LRS. -S

Sonja in Portland ♥♥ You have sexy hair. I hope you get lots of make-outs! Love, Heidi

MARYROSE ♥♥ Sexy, sexy, sexy! Love: Your Fake Boyfriend, Heidi

CYDNE ♥♥ YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE! Thanks for shrinking my song for 541! Love, Heidi

SALLY FACE! ♥♥ Love you so much. Sorry for my craziness. Down with the rat basement!!! Let's have fun this year, get creative, get in shape, get busy in the sack. Bob

SMASH EVERYTHING! ♥♥ Thanks for the tiny house! I love you.

My Sun Prince ♥♥ You are my partner, my lover, my best friend, my confidant, my's to our wonderful future that lies ahead. I love you. Your Moon Princess

SBC ~ ♥♥ You are such torturous pleasure. ~AP

Tango Follows ♥♥ You rock my world with each backward step...with each soulful glance...with each delicate touch. Don't stop dancing when the music ends.

Dearest Tony... ♥♥ Thanks for the last 5 wonderful years. I can't wait to become your wife! Love, Mary

John D. Y. ♥♥ You were my best friend, the love of my life and more. Thank you for all the memories you've engraved on my heart. I wish you love always.

UNCLEAN!!! ♥♥ I love you, sugar pants, and can't wait to spend the rest of my hard drinking life with you. Love, Bug-a-boo

Kelly O ♥♥ From Soap Lake to Pasco to San Francisco, you're always my lady. I miss you already and I know this is your year to shine. Love, Jeminem


On Thanksgiving Day ♥♥ you dropped yr pants; my heart leapt into my throat. Never thought I'd fall in love so soon. Is it psycho that I want to have a million of your babies? -J

I'm yours ♥♥ Scott, you make my heart beat faster and my toes curl. Wanna touch naughty bits? I love you! Kris

Zee ♥♥ Your bravery and passion always inspire me. :)

to my lwc, my wboc ♥♥ Even though I am crushed on Jake G, you are the one for me. I love you, the adventures we have, the dancing, and everything. Looking forward to more!

Hi John-darlin'!!!! ♥♥ Still crazy after all these years! Love, Lizi and the Girls XOXOX Lunch????

Hey Wednesday Girl ♥♥ Hearts forever from Mister Yummy (the 666 invisible pj guy) P.S.: End 5am metro of hell unless sloppy joe makes an unzoned pass at your beautiful face.

J'adore Vous, Denny! ♥♥ We go together like tamiflu and cough syrup. I love spending every goddamned minute with you! Let's raise some Hell! Your one and only, Eric. Kisses!!

TREMENDOUS BROMIDE ♥♥ Oh Clissman, you've sawed my tissue and the stain is set. I love you. Come join me soon.

A Valentine for Aly ♥♥ Just what you wanted: Male Hustlers in speedos "straight" from the Czech Republic! Why? Because I love you! Don't worry, they take zlotys! XOXO Mike

A Boy Named Virgil ♥♥ Sixteen years, kiddo. See you in March. You bet. L'amo, Michael

To My Kitties ♥♥ I love how you snuggle up with me in the mornings. I even love how you lick my eyebrows in my sleep! Love, Meag

For My Cat ♥♥ It's been five years now and I love you more all the time! Love, LadyCat

Kiera ♥♥ Wub you alchy bitch slut! Happy Valentine's Day!

springer's descent ♥♥ In the end I could neither posion you nor live with you. No one but the back room knows how much I miss you. Chess sometime? So long and thanks for *

TO MY SQUID ♥♥ BUDDY-The perfect Valentine's you ask? The Swedish Chef cooking while the 'Yellow Submarine' is playing. I am so happy you are back! I missed you!!

To Raido from Kay ♥♥ Just one out of ten thousand letters in bottles, but I hope you see this nonetheless. You rock my world! I love you always.

HONEY BUNNY I LUV U! ♥♥ My love for u grows stronger every day. Itis U, me, a Yodie Monsta, and a BOY. Us against the WORLD and "ourselves sometimes." I do and will luv u forever.

To My Sweet Juicebox ♥♥ Juice - Thank you for coming into my life and sticking with me. I'll love you till the stars come down, your little Fruitbat - xoxo

MOORAY! ♥♥ One night in Bangok, there was a blue sky, or was it a blue moon on Monday? New York City Boy, just kiss me, tonight, tonight, in a forest. JAGO

Hey Piglet! ♥♥ "God, I wish I knew how to quit you!" -"Tell you what...truth is, sometimes I miss you so bad I can hardly stand it." - Happy V-Day. Tigger.

Julian ♥♥ Wine and coffee / you brought me (gladly) to your knees / braced up beautiful.

Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ We are one of the weirdest couples ever - and that's what makes us special. I hope that we can keep being weird together for years and years to come!!

10! TEN! .... 21? ♥♥ Mac! It's fine at 4am, and I enjoy speed walking with you to catch the 49! Wonderful & willing, you are my squishy... I LOVE YOU! <3M&M<3 MaTinay

JAMES L. ♥♥ You are always interesting, charming, smart, sweet, and handsome. I adore you! Love, Your Secret Admirer.

DEAR NATALIE... ♥♥ You're my little June Carter. <3 Elliot

To My Toad ♥♥ Turtles may have very strong jaws, and octopuses may be able to camouflage, but nobody can make a list like you babe. You make being patient worth it.

To chicken who moos ♥♥ Hey 'moo, happy first Valentine's Day anniversary! It's just lovely to have you back in Seattle. Love, Banana Smoothie


Venessa ♥♥ I am abundantly, candidly, enthusiastically, fondly, internationally,monumentally, poetically, radiantly, unabashedly, vehemently, wonderfully yours, Joe

Dearest Seattle ♥♥ We are so sorry we left you. We made a terrible mistake We love you, and we hope you will take us back. Love, Elly and Jason.

Sambo Jo Mo ♥♥ You will not give yourself more valentines than me this year. I WIN!!! I WIN!!! Now, let's do it.

I Love My DirtyBones ♥♥ Mr. Jones, thank you for 365 days of everything I could want. You are absolutley incredible, please be my valentine? Love you, island boy.

To my Rumpy gril ♥♥ Nadia, my baby forever, I love you more than you will ever know, I love you, I love you, I love you, to the Momma from the Daddyo

DOUG S. ♥♥ I need you like cooked food. Whiskey, High Life, whores and cover letters. I have taken every picture of you; you are in every one of mine. Love, Leia

MY COCK! ♥♥ MY COCK! I HAVE A COCK! xoxo, bri bri

ahhhh love. ♥♥ To the boy who loves Pete Yorn, giving the confused foreigner look and tells me not to put soap in the tea pot—You are my Platonic life partner.

my hermia ♥♥ Kaitlin: I miss your presence! E-mail just isn't the same as late-night movies. Is it june yet? Love, lyshaneder

Happy B-Day Hilary ♥♥ Baby Bean - I love love love you! Happy 18th Birthday! My life has forever been changed for the better since that day. xoxoxo A

**JENNIEY** ♥♥ Portland or Seattle, you will always be my valentine! Love, bunny-bear

Je t'aime Megs ♥♥ Megs my dear - you are the best friend a girl could hope for and I love you dearly. xoxox A

RUBBA! ♥♥ This is the dawning of the age of Melissa, age of Melissa ...MEEELLISSSSAAAAAAAA! You're 40 and fabulous and that ain't no hoo hah neither. - BLANKET!

Worth the Wait... ♥♥ Well, it only took you 6+ years to ask me out but it was worth the wait. I love you so much Martin S.! You're mine forever. Love YOUR PITA!

I love you, baby! ♥♥ G - I feel so blessed that you have come into my life and I hope that is where you will stay. I love you terribly. xoxox - A

Lambie the Pie! ♥♥ You are my one & only snuggly mass of wool & sweetness. I want to harvest that wool & knit myself a hat w/ little bunny ears so you are with me always.

Dear Mrs Shayla Boo: ♥♥ We've been together now for almost two years & not a day goes by that I'm not in awe of yr charming, brilliant, + gorgeous self. You've stolen my heart!

mustard ♥♥ I love you & our hypothetical pugs & our very real cats & our life together. You make me smile every day & that's the best thing ever. Kiss mah ass!

teal b.!!! ♥♥ Teal, there's a fire in me that burns for your love. I love you so much. If I could just hold you for one night, it would be a dream come true. I'm yours.

To My Louisiana Love ♥♥ I saw you from across the bar and wouldn't let you get too far. Now that we're together and you are mine I know the future will be just fine. Amanda

YOU SEXY FUCKER!!!!! ♥♥ To Jer, Dont freak out but Happy V-Day! Thanks for making me happy the past four months. For V-dDay I'm going to give U a big kiss and work my way down. -Darlyn

Genghis John ♥♥ Poop!

GKJ HEART BJP ♥♥ To the pirate who stole my heart: B-LARGH! I love you.

My Bear: ♥♥ You are my soul, my fire, my inspiration, my safe harbor, my best friend, my sexy lover. I will love you, always, forever. Yours, Snuggle

I LOVE THE PETEYPIE ♥♥ I am so happy that you decided that you wanted to marry me. You are the neatest soon to be American in the world. I LOOOOOOOOVVEEEE YOU! Hugs, Anne

BRIAN, STEVE, JONAH ♥♥ Five years. I love you. -Ryann

Cameron, Be Mine! ♥♥ I know I don't know you but you are the cutest vegan barista in Seattle. Be my valentine! Becky

Monkey Del Mar ♥♥ I go to sleep happy & wake up happy because your monkey butt is next to me. Can't wait for more adventures. Love, North American Freckled Pygmy Monkey

I love you Sean! ♥♥ Thank you for being such a great and caring husband and an all-around awesome person. Can't wait for this weekend!

To my BFF with love! ♥♥ Thanks for being such an awesome BFF and for putting up with me :) I love you and hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

SWIMPDIP! ♥♥ To my beloved Ditti: I've gotta get me some of that SWIMPDIP! A happy V-Day, from the curmudgeon who loves you.

BW loves DRAKE ♥♥ U&I of winds and and stars - love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking in the same direction - wish to gaze the same direction this day? Love always -BW



Beet Beet Sugar Beet ♥♥ The day I met u and "stole you from the other girl" was the best day of my life. It's only gotten better. How bout some cookies 2nite? Love Boop Boop

ROBOT 29 ♥♥ So fine, I'm glad you're mine all mine. Now go give mama a taste of Rebecca H. from Sunnybrook Farm. To the moon and back! Dgirl

Happy bvo day, hwy! ♥♥ Our Valentine's Days are special, from those first flowers on your desk to our time alone at the end of each day. I love you more every year. pif*

I love you more than ♥♥ a pig loves slop, a junkie loves needles, a shark loves chum, a baby loves nipples. I love you more than anything else, guppy. Love, puppy

to my sexy skater ♥♥ I love you. You are an amazing person with a huge heart. I'm so glad I get to spend another Valentine's with you. Love B.B.K.F. (JKUZ)

Joey Is Rad! ♥♥ Joe, you're awsome and funny as hell! I love being with you and I can't wait to do you...I mean see you again! Love You Bunches, Your Chi Chi, Kelly!

Hey Blue Eyes ♥♥ It's been a wild year and meeting you has been the the single most exciting thing about it. I'm so happy your my Valantine. Love you, Nathan

SHUT UP, BARBARA!!!! ♥♥ Drink your damn MIMOSA! You sir, must be my lucky star cause you shine on me wherever you are. I love you Mr. Clay--Svenshine!

It's already better! ♥♥ Hey there ex! Remember last year? A gushy valentine for you, nothing for me. And now here we are not speaking: The BEST valentine present of all.

Julio mein Liebchen! ♥♥ Why you so far away? For V-Day, yo to doy todo mi amor...y feliz cumpleanos! So stick a candle in some flan and make a wish. I MISS YOU!

Josh, my Butt-Boy ♥♥ I love you, you make me happier every day. Marrying you was the best thing I've ever done. Love, your Kitten. (Zoe loves you, too!)

The only O.*.Q. ♥♥ Your smile, your laugh, your voice, and your heart all make me happy. Thanks for many years of love. Your lips are made for kissin, baby, je t'adore.

♥♥ Parrots are red, The ocean is blue, Waves rock, And so do you.

SWEET KATE ♥♥ Darlin', I will write you a valentine like this every year until you notice it. You are the bees' knees. I love you! .a.

David ♥♥ I love you deeply with all of my heart. The past four years have been the happiest years of my life. You are my lover and my best friend. xxx Sarah

KARA-BOO ♥♥ All I needed was for someone to brush the hair out of my eyes. Thank you for not stopping to consider the wreck around me.

Neddy's Favorite Z ♥♥ I'm the cutest plushy that you've seen, but my momma is a hottie with skin like cream. I'd love to nuzzle in her great big rack, but I'm just lj pack.

Eric H. is the best! ♥♥ You've been so great taking care of me and our baby, I can never thank you enough! We love you!

Grace we share o2 ♥♥ and because of that we share love, life views, arguments, agreements, happiness, differences, friendship, relatives, lies, truths, & each other.

To my future wife, G ♥♥ Never have I been so happy to be threatened to be kicked out of a bar. Thank you for saying yes. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day! -J

Sports Fan ♥♥ I love you with all my heart! You are my best friend, I can't imagine my life with out you in it! Happy Anniversary and V-day baby! Love always, LMJ

Cuddlebug wuvs you! ♥♥ Me and the little Scottish Terrorist wuv our little "Ticklebug" !!!! *kiss kiss* *cuddle* *tickle* (Oh, and "little blue" misses you...*wink*)

My Darling Lisa ♥♥ I love you with all my heart. Thank you for saying "yes" at the Pearl Jam show, you made me one happy guy! Love Forever-Jason

Krista & Oslo ♥♥ You're my family and I love you so much. I wish we could snuggle and chase squirrels all day long! Happy Valentine's Day. xoxoxo PK

Unborn with me. ♥♥ Why do your head and my vagina have to be so far apart? Or is it my head and your vagina? Either way, I miss you and your meanness. I love you!

Flying Dueces ♥♥ Happy Valentimes Day, Captain! Even when you are far away I will be your navigator and you shall be my captain. I'll miss you, jerk.

Corndog! ♥♥ I love you very much. When you read this I will be on a plane to see you. Oh, the adventures we will have! Showgirls and cheese castles and booze!

TO ADAM, MY BIG BOY ♥♥ I love you, baby. The past year has been wonderful, even when you punished me for looking at another man by burning my hand on the stove. Love, Audrey

Sexiest Ballard Girl ♥♥ Two big, earth-shaking, body-tensing, heart-attack inducing, juicy O's in one day . . . you deserve and should expect many more. I do love you so.

Dear Snob! ♥♥ I feel so fortunate to have found a friend to share all of life's joys with! May you forever continue to flourish and bloom. Happy V-Day! Hugs...G

To my LOVER!!! ♥♥ Boyfriend: Thank u for making all my dreams come true! U mean the world to me and I love living with you too! I love you with my whole heart. Girlfriend

Sweet Sweet Brian ♥♥ You know how I feel, and I don't have to ask how you feel...some of the best things in life are better left unsaid. ;) Love, that familiar gemini girl

))<>(( ♥♥ you are my puzzle piece; you fit my holes snuggly and wrap your protrusions around me in all the right ways. I love you.

♥♥ And from me too. -Cameron

Miles- ♥♥ Love and kisses from the pirate queen.

meghan maura ♥♥ I am a true romantic - I believe in one perfect love. Time will not distract me. Distance has not deterred me. I exist, to find you. a.t.s.

My Dreamboat Unicorn ♥♥ Oh, the times we've spent, frolicking and posing upon windy mountain tops. I'll forever be your show pony if you'll be my valiant dreamboat unicorn.

AARON @ FUSION TATTOO ♥♥ YOU DIRTY LITTLE LEPRECHAUN! I want you to travel to the end of my rainbow and stick your GOLDEN FLUTE in my POT OF GOLD!!! XOXO - ???

STELLA!!! ♥♥ 01001001 01101100 01001111 01110110 01100101 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100001 -your r0bot boy-

MICK @ FUSION TATTOO ♥♥ I want to dip yer MICK-NUGGETS in Sweet & Sour sauce and slap them on my chin!!! You DIRTY LITTLE TATTOOED MONKEY!!!

In Life With You!! ♥♥ Rachael: You make my days happier, my dreams less foggy, and life exciting! I love you with all my heart. - Tom

UW PHILOSOPHY ROCKS! ♥♥ An entire year has gone by and I still love you guys! I have the best job ever! Thanks for another great year, and get your book orders in! -Isha

TRIP R. III ♥♥ Too bad! We could've had something nice together. Next time you find it, I hope you don't run from it, again!!!

Shay-hearts-Shaun ♥♥ I'm a lucky gal to have u in my life. My crazy lil' boi. Hope we're still together when this prints. Haha.

Muchos Buenos Aires ♥♥ Style. Haha they wouldn't let me finish that. I love you and I am so happy to be with you. I can't wait to grow old with you. Love, T

CHAD @ PALAMINO'S!!! ♥♥ Still love you over here! - I hope this year's better than the last! Love, ERIK

Island Dweller ♥♥ You're too damn far away and I miss our Tuesdays. Thank you for the postcard and I love you.

DAVE - PLANECRASH, ♥♥ Train wreck, car wreck, FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!!! I miss you!!! ERIK


Buffy Bunny Maniac ♥♥ Even though you may be a brother fucker I still love you. Happy V-Day baby!

BFFE, monk. ♥♥ Renata, you are my best friend. I love you! Happy Valentine's Day, monkey! Love, Celina

JEREMY - JelloKrunch ♥♥ I will always love you, and will carry the weight of my insecurities on my shoulders from you always. A lost love, ERIK

Miss my Pookie Bear ♥♥ This is the first Valentine's Day without you in five years. I really do miss you. Maybe we will be together again someday. Love, BabyGurl

Ahoy, Me Valentine! ♥♥ Roses be red, An' sweet be my rum, Ye shiver me timbers, An' blast me guns!

REESA JANE ♥♥ Hey Hott Stuff, you are my sunshine! I miss your guts. Theresa I love you! Can I be your valentine? Love your stud muffin Alexzandra Meeshell

I LOVE YOU SARITA! ♥♥ You are the light of my life, pretty girl. I'm so happy you are now my fiancee! I will cherish and adore you always... YOU KNOW!!! Love, Your Sweet Pea.

Hi love ♥♥ Happy early Valentine's Day and in two days it's our six months. I love being with you, Michelle. Thanks for being so cute and good to me.

Dear Almost-Dead Guy ♥♥ If I had to choose between you and the cat I'd still pick the cat, but I'm glad that you like him and we can all be a happy family. Love, Kendra

Mike, i love you ♥♥ You make my heart melt and you make me smile every time i think about you! Thank you for loving me and my craziness! Love always and forever. ~amanda

Oh my sweet Tater ♥♥ Since you've come here from Boise via Oregon... It's Spud Love. -Your Tuber Valentine

jackery paul ♥♥ You are handsome, intellegent, oh-so-funny, and good in the sack to boot! Thank you for spending your time with me. Happy Valentine's Day.

Cup of Love ♥♥ Jillian, You're hotter than Victoria Principal, smarter than most, and all together wonderful. I'm proud to call you my best friend. I love you. Jenn

Sorry I Fart Alot. ♥♥ Babe: so far, so good. And now, here, nestled in between the ad for HIV testing, and the classified for egg donation let me say: I Love You Muchos.

I miss you ♥♥ A, I can't imagine ever finding a love like ours. I miss you more than you can imagine. I can't stop loving you no matter how much I try.


Dad & Uncle Vinnie ♥♥ Glad you're finally here! Aren't you happy you're my dates? Love you!!

Do you know? ♥♥ You mean the world to me. I'm in complete awe with you, your smile lights up the room it's beautiful, I could stare at you forever, I love you.

JOJO ♥♥ i love you SOOOOOOO much!!! thanks for being the best boyfriend in the world. looove- NINNY :% + :D = <333

I still love you, SP ♥♥

JOSHUA JOHN ♥♥ You are my sexy, silly, scrumpdilyumptious, one and only valentine. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. And I love you, of course.

Amor de mi vida ♥♥ Brandon, you are my heart and soul. You make my heart warm when it's gloomy and rainy outside. Without you I'd be lost. Will you marry me?

My BABE! B.M. ♥♥ Hi babe! Just wanted to ask ya-Who loves you Babe? I do! I do! I have loved every moment with ya and look forward to many more. Thank u for loving me back!

PUKEDOODIE ♥♥ FloatyToes—Toscana pizza is great, but it don't compare to your bones & blood & organs—their onions aren't wrapped in warm skin like yours—TwinkleEars

Dear Boes! ♥♥ Thanks for taking me in and giving me your love. I can only hope to one day repay you. You are my ladies, my loves, my life. Love your kitty, Will.

hey mr. cuteness ♥♥ Yeah, Valentine's Day is silly, but at least it's one more way for me to tell you that I love you. So here goes: I love you bunches and bunches.

REDHEADS ARE RED HOT ♥♥ Ik hou van jou! I used to think that Amsterdam was my Camelot, but YOU are my Camelot. Proost! To three brilliant and adventurous years together....

Something WYLD ♥♥ Law school is just the beginning, and I'm with you till the end. Lv/lv

My Lobster Forever ♥♥ Eric, You make me laugh, you make me smile. You fill me up and make me whole. I cherish you, my friend, and the soulmate you will always be to me. Charms

hot piece of chicken ♥♥ You, in the sexy pointy-toed boots. Yeah, you, the hot piece of chicken. I love you, you're wonderful. Let's get married. -Always your chickenhead

I love U Kisha. ♥♥ Sorry I forgot this last year :( I felt bad all year. I remembered this year. I love U. I can't wait to start over in Portland together. Love, Travis

Pretty Lady ♥♥ You make me feel like a natural woman. -Devorcles

Mark ♥♥ Happy Valentine's you sneaky little hot tamale! (Vous êtes ma personne préférée dans le monde entier.) Love xoxo Oriana

Dear flashythinglady ♥♥ Here is love from me, Anya! And foodlady says Happy Valintine's too.

Big Papa ♥♥ Woof! For everything that you do for me—from the walks to the wrestling matches, I love you! Love, Your Genghie

Boyfriend + Bulldog ♥♥ Ryan and Genghis- no matter how many dishes you leave in the living room or how many times you piss on my clean clothes, you'll be my best boys 4-ever.

My Darling Shel ♥♥ You shiver my timbers. You rock my boat. You set my cannons on fire. Be mine or I will blast you to Davey Jones - Arrr! ~Dread Pirate Valentine

BOOBIE SUCKER ♥♥ I seriously doubt that this ad will get me laid but what the hell! I love my Baby anyway. A prost to 10 years of hard love! Your one and only Poophead.

My Darkest Star <3 ♥♥ I'm so glad I you came into my life and are here with me as you read this. I am so happy I can kiss you tonight, and I'm making you sleep in! @-;-----

^***RENO***^ ♥♥ I love you so very much!!!! We fit together like puzzle pieces. You complete me and make heart skip beats. I want to be old and irrascible with you.

My dear Uwajimaya ♥♥ Why I moved to the middle of nowhere and left you behind is a mystery to me. Big love, A


KITTEN LOVES MANTA ♥♥ I love you more today than yesterday and I'm gonna love you more toomorroow than today doo doo dee dee! CLAUDIA LOVES ALEX!

HONEY BUCKET OF O's ♥♥ For Debbie - Honey Bucket of O's is sending you kisses in all your sweet spots. Know that you have my heart, my body and my love. Always, all ways!!

Dear Mr. Satan: ♥♥ Just thanking you for the best sex I've had so far, the abuse, the drunken 2 am phone calls, allowing that incredibly awkward hug. P.S. Let's run away.

Foxy Canadian ♥♥ You look like a handsome man. Would you like to be MY handsome man?


To Mr. S. S. ♥♥ You are my heart, and I cannot wait until we have our multicultural wedding. I love you. R.

To my tartlette, ♥♥ You are one of my favorite people in the world. I am sure I would loose my mind if it wasn't for you. I love you!

Sarah and Elizabeth! ♥♥ Thank you both for making my nights and days special! I love you both!

Jennifer ♥♥ My darling, I am sorry for anything that was done to hurt you. I do so desperately want you back. I ache for you still.


beaver love ♥♥ I may have a third lip and your pooch might smell like a beaver dam on a good day, but that's love. Happy Valentine's poochie.

Jenny-poh ♥♥ I am so in love with you, sweetheart. You are so funny, smart, and sexy. I really don't deserve you. I can't wait to spend the next 75 years with you.

Crow Stalker! ♥♥ Feed them Tabasco tainted fries, while my heart yearns for your substandard harmonicizing. Pizza transvestite. I yearn for you.

Kienan and Riley ♥♥ Airsoft guns vs. breakdancing, Horror films vs. Veggie Tales, KUBE vs. KEXP, Happy V-Day to my unique boys! How about one day of love? Love you, Mom

GIRL ROBOT! ♥♥ You see the good in everyone! Let's interface again soon—Your boy-bot. Beep boop. Kwarg.

I loves my sweetums! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie! I will always love you!

Mrs. Huggins ♥♥ Thanks for the best year of my life. I love you more than anything. Here is to a great year to come. I can't wait to make you my wife. Love, D.

~*My Angel Darian*~ ♥♥ You were sent from heaven to make my life complete. I love love love you from the top of the moon & back again baby! Loves from your mommy xoxox

Cheer up, buttercup ♥♥ Muffin 1 loves Muffin 2, and Armene makes 3. Happy V-Day, baby!!!

My Little Tartlette! ♥♥ Nenu~ You are the best wife (stand-in husband) a girl could ever ask for! Thank you for being born & being my bestest friend! I just love you~ xom

Jonny Pavo! ♥♥ Huss'm, you rock my world & make my head spin! I love you more & more every day! If I could marry you again every day I would. LOVES LOVES xom (wizzle)

BIG BAD BRY!!! ♥♥ You're the best baby in the whole wide world! Thank you for all your support. I love you so much and can't wait to be your wife. OLIVEJUICE! Hank

ZINNEA- I ADORE YOU! ♥♥ I adore your monkeythoughts, your cute little giggle... BE MY VALENTINE, Zee! Love, your penguin princess!

Bizzaro! I love you! ♥♥ Our love is insane. We are both crazy as hell. Nobody will ever make me feel the way that you do. I'm sure we'll fight again soon. I'm your Boo!

to my love ♥♥ You are the most beautiful, loving and kind person. You make smile when I wake up and excited to come home at the end of the day. I love you so much. E

PUBLIC NOTICE: ♥♥ Don't tell Yoko that Ned has a super-secret crush on her.

The Octopus says <3 ♥♥ The Octopus says: eight arms to hold you just aren't enough. Peace, love, and tentacles to V, Girlpirate, Rainaraina, and the rest of the octopets.

It Only Comes Once.. ♥♥ Wishing you a magical Valentine's Day. A day of love should never be spent without the ones you love.

Deliverance ♥♥ Screw the deadbeat—be my milf! Guy on black machine.

To my Mr. Incredible ♥♥ You amaze me. Every year makes me all the more proud to be your wife. I love you, my hero. Happy Valentine's Day my Vaabenfleeven. *makes kitty eyes*

To my MeFi ♥♥ When the Massachusetts nights get cold & angsty, just remember: Bubba drives cross-country *all the time.* I miss you & I love you.

J - still love you ♥♥ after all these years. Good news: I recently thought to myself, I'd endure hetero sex if only I could be with you. I guess I really am a lesbian. - S

summersquash ♥♥ Run with me & laugh—my love for you is pure, so strong, what I called love before is a pale shadow. You're forever in my heart, innocent. xoxx Ben

CKP ♥♥ You are my best friend in the world and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you. Don't ever forget it kiddo. EPW

To my dear Aurelia: ♥♥ You've shown me a whole new type of love that I never knew existed: the love of a mother for her child. You are beautiful and I will always love you!

My Monkey ♥♥ Life with you couldn't be better! Thanks for making the leap in owning our own little 815. Let's go to Vermont, tie the knot, and make this forever!

Casey M ♥♥ My very own pirate. I love the way you kiss. Haven't known you very long, but every day I adore you a little more. Love, Elaine

stanley ♥♥ Haven't heard from you in awhile. Let's have a little playdate soon. We can juggle or play with other things. U can try to find my new tattoo. E

D.J. H. ♥♥ So, we didn't wait until 11:59 2/14/06. I'm glad we didn't. Sleeping with you and the brown turdball is my favorite thing to do. I love you.

Zee! Zinnea! ♥♥ You're fabulous. Just wanted you to know!

To PookieM ♥♥ 00110001 00110000 00100000 01111001 01100101 01100001 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 LoverC

To McShain #7 ♥♥ My friend, my lover, my comedian. I love you with all my heart. If I gave you a basket of kisses, what would you give me? – Aims

Astyr Darling ♥♥ I love you. Thank you for working to give me all I've ever asked for. I love the way you spoil me. But please don't spare the rod. ;c)

SUGABOOGA ♥♥ It's been some time now to have been togetha, seems all is well, I can't wait to get togeza. I love your taste and smell, U're in my heart always, Little Valentine

Bah-luuue! ♥♥ Your friendship means more than I can even find the words to tell you. Now hurry up and move your ass to the PNW. kthx.

Y Kats RNT Poets ♥♥ Tuna is pink, Accounts are receivable, My life would be sadder, If you weren't so Stevi-ble. Luv & Fishes, Ash

MATTIMUS SEXIUS! ♥♥ I love my Mattmatt. Happy Valentine's Day!

ZEE IS AWESOME! ♥♥ Not simply "awesome," but CHOCOLATE COVERED AWESOME. Happy Valentine's Day! octopus

For my Acey ♥♥ I've asked you before but I'm asking for real—Run away with me and we shall live off love, the land and hawt lesbian lust. I looOOOooe you!

Hot sexy momma RN ♥♥ 17 years ago, you wiped my ass because I was too drunk to do it myself. My dad said I should marry you. I'm glad I took his advice. Your tits baby!

To the coolest lady. ♥♥ Be my bloody Valentine. <3

Da3n.... ♥♥ Someone from the Midwest thinks you're the sexiest man in Seattle. Run away with me... let's capture the world together...

baphometsangel ♥♥ I can't think of anybody I'd rather disrespect my furniture with. I love you, Flapjack.

curly top in CD ♥♥ I love you desperately. You never cease to amaze me—more beautiful by the week, smarter by the day, savier by the hour. Will you be my Valentine?

Flourescent brown ♥♥ Roses are red, violets are blue, Da3n is a weirdo, love, Zee

On love day ♥♥ Love for you. You're the only one for me. Now and forever. And don't think dying will get you out of this, either! Happy Valentine's Day, dork.

SPACEMARMOT!!! ♥♥ You're super SEXY, shamelessly ADORABLE and fucking BRILLIANT. Loving you is pure pleasuuuuuuurrrre. You're my inspiring awesome Dude. xo NEOCURIOSITY

Don't get me started ♥♥ about your brain, heart, ass, eyes, hair, penga, courage, patience and kindness. Thank you for every day since we met. Mia cuore e tue per sempre. -SD

LOVE SONNET ♥♥ Sonnet, you're cool. I'm sad we don't go to school together anymore, 'cause it's you I adore. Thought you oughta know, if we were going out, I'd give you a blow. B

sniffsniffsniff! ♥♥ I love you, Mary! I give you an inquisitive Hmm? And make you look in my direction, at that moment I greet you with a resounding Meow! to my Supermary.

KENNY LOVE ♥♥ You are the best friend, husband, co-worker, father, & lover ever. You still make me blush. Life is an amazing adventure with you. I love you-moo

My fav. photographer ♥♥ Photosexual, If Cupid smiles on me, I'll show up at your door with leather and a digital camera. *mwah*

DE ♥♥ Are your parents retarded? Cause I think you're really special. D.

GOYISH ♥♥ Ash, jana, by the time you read this I will be down under. Kosher. Miss you, Mado

truth ♥♥ Is what is... love that is.

*** SEAFREVIT05 *** ♥♥ Try it now. I reset IIS. Signed, "The Truly Educated Never Graduate" P.S. I don't know if you got this.

Sharon W. ♥♥ Eyes, hands, lips, smile, touch me, fingertips, kiss me on the neck, rubbing your back, kiss your chin, neck, chest. Come see me soon, breath, relax, art is love is life is truth. -Eddie

Two dudes ♥♥ Brian, just think, this Valentine's Day marks the one-year anniversary of the first time we ass-fucked on your parents bed. I love you buddy. -Ale

Happy six months! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Kristen! These past six months have been absolutely amazing. I love you with all my heart. -Alec

Kiss Me PM Butterfly ♥♥ This busy bee would like to fly away with you—sexy butterfly. Let's cross-pollinate some flowers together and then you can dominate me!

Mr. SJG, ♥♥ I held on as long as I could to the Nirvana boy I knew. The Noc Noc thing was too much. All the booze, self-loathing. Let it go. Love & Reverence

I love my Nathan! ♥♥ I Love my Nathan. He is so kind and treats me so well. Thanks to AEB & Hans, a broken NES, and Sasquatch for bringing us together! LOVEloveLOVElove

LMB ♥♥ Luke, I really do like you, even though I've known you not that long. Let's get to know each other better. <3, Ashley.

AS+ADL ♥♥ Baby, kiss me when you see me, because I've missed it so much. Tubby still loves Koala, and still misses you. His stiches are still healing. <#3

You are Mr. Face ♥♥ and I love you more than you will ever know. I am the luckiest girl in the world and am yours as long as you'll have me. Fuck nasty? ~Your Jelly

my wild rose hearts ♥♥ Thank you for all of your good love. I miss you and I will see you soon. The New Englander.

Alexis ♥♥ Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. Love CAP

You're Finally Back! ♥♥ You're home, for our first real V-Day. Thank you for making this year so easy. I love you even though you still smell like Japan. WE CLIMBED FUJI! -Dan

To DJ ♥♥ Love of my life and keeper of my passion. Without you I have no joy to complete me nor breath to sustain me. A crisp new dawn awakens before me simply because you are the love of my life.

G - you stole ♥♥ the air from my lungs the moment you opened Doug's door. I still can't find it. Whether we can be together or not, I want you to know I love you - A

Dear Editor-In-Chief ♥♥ Our respective levels of geekiness don't cancel each other out but merge into one big geek fest. Will you be my pseudo Simon Pegg for another year? XX

dearest melon ball: ♥♥ Happy V-Day (with open arms!) year in review: I'm done with you! (*not really*) Crying and carrying-on seafrevit05 mommy, I ate money try it now.

Solar Power-NG&Kira ♥♥ Desire smells almost subliminally of summer peaches, and casts two shadows: one black and sharp-edged, the other translucent and foreverwavering, like heat haze. Love you, K

SOPHALICIOUS! ♥♥ Alright, sauce? xxx

David D. ♥♥ You're like a star to me. I want to wad you up into my life. Let's roll up to be a shooting star in the sky. Happy Birthday, Baby. I love you. ~Willow

I HEART BLOWHOLE ♥♥ Say there's no future for us as a pair. I know. I may know. I don't care. As long as you're mine. Who's a wuzzuh? B$b*y.

amai_unmei ♥♥ You hand out the spankings on LJ like a costco lady handing out samples. You are welcome to bring cheap vodka to our house any time.

BOBCATS! ♥♥ I'm so proud of you, sexy bitches! You are hott entertainers, but even better friends. I heart you to the extreme. xo Lauren

Corey ♥♥ I love you, boobie —more than I ever dreamed of loving anyone. You are my favorite part of everyday. Love love love love love xo Lauren

phlebotomist star ♥♥ Dirty Girl, u've brought so much to my life in so little time. I'm still pinching myself. But you're real—the best part. Love you, Special Lady.

bryan ♥♥ And this I know: His teeth white as snow, What a gas it was to see him. Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic. A big, big love. A big, big love. Love, mandy

Beautiful Fish ♥♥ Baby, every time I see blue gray water, feel wind or taste salt, I think of you. Your brilliant baby blues thrill me! Happy Valentine's Day, Gorgeous!

Da3n 3 is silent ♥♥ You know how to get moist with the spam! This is why you will always be famous like Donny Osmond. Here is to another year of medical sections at B&N!

Mr. Jenner ♥♥ You will always be my Danger Bunny! It is great being your wife. Would Marry again. A++++++++++++

Awesome-O! ♥♥ You fucking rock, boy. We are like Sonny and Cher; like The Captain and Tennille...minus the breakup. I'll be your Beefcake 4-fucking-ever!

Damnit Theresa! ♥♥ Why you gotta keep being like that? How do you ...? How is it that I love you more every day? HOW?! Damnit Theresa, why you gotta be like that?!

TO MY SAMMY ♥♥ You make waking up everyday a little easier, you making coming home from work something to look forward to. I will always love you forever -MK

aishiteru, jason-san ♥♥ I would... I will.... I do! 8 more months 'til we become one. I am yours and you are mine forever and ever. :-)

Lovely Cindy Chang ♥♥ I love you like Elvis loved peanut butter. I need you like Hot Cocoa needs Chocolate. I want you like a Cake screams for Icing. I can't resist you! YC

Robot love ♥♥ "Touch me deep, pure, and true, Gift to me forever, Cause I'm kissing you, I'm kissing you..." Here's to many more kisses between us. I love you Alex.


Booboo loves booger ♥♥ You always say I never tell anyone about you so I'll say it now. "I LOVE YOU, JOE and I don't want anyone but you." Now shut up and fuck me!

Daddy's Girls ♥♥ To my Rain Drop and Baby Bean - have a great Valentine's Day. Love you both bigger than the sky and whole universe! Love always, your Daddy Boy :)

Chris Trogdor ♥♥ I never expected to find romance in the workplace..brilliantly unexpected. You are a gas, and our passion is volatile. You make me smile.Thank you. -D

Snuggle Bunny! ♥♥ My most favorite person in the whole world! You are so good to me. I love you, can't wait to move in with you, and will always be your Space Heater.

Merlin! ♥♥ Glad you are who you are. Our kids will be cute.

To my cocktail club ♥♥ We have the best friends and the best bar in Seattle. 2006 will be full of drinks, pool playing and midnight runs around the block! - love charlie

Tippy, I love you! ♥♥ U keep me sane, & I can't live without you. Thanks for always being there and making me smile. I love U more than ColdStone and cheese combined. -Dharmi

My Fruitcake Cary ♥♥ HEY Skeletor I could squeeze your sweet little hunnycheeks all day!! You are the most patient, metro guy ever. Stay queer! Luv ur babydoll, Bijou.

One and Only ♥♥ Jen, You are a truly special person in my life. Thank you for always being there. I love you. *Bradlina*

Lots of Love ♥♥ Christopher-Thank you for the love you share with me. I love you with all my heart. You are always with me no matter how far away you are. Love, Erin

My widdle schnookums ♥♥ Hey my sweet lil crazy thang! You can pop my zits and pick my nose anytime. ;) Luvin' Skeletor

Dharmi ♥♥ You are my number one best baby and I love you more than the Seahawks and Brucie combined. Have a happy Valentine's Day!!!

To My Lovely Husband ♥♥ K: You are the love of my life, and my best friend. I cherish every day that I spend with you. I can't wait to have kids with you. Luv u. Tracey Lyn

BANG! BANG! MAMA! ♥♥ You are my one, my truth, my sun. Thank you for being you. I love you so much! From your daddy.

St. Valentino? ♥♥ Okay, definitely NOT a saint, NOT nice, and NOT my type. Am I obsessed with you? Yes. Why? Because you're funny, smart, and bald.

JAROMIL ♥♥ Congratulations on your big ass promotion! Next time you meet Paris Hilton, tell her you're fucking single and horny! Pat Foxy for me. - The Giant Bee

*** SUPER FREAKS *** ♥♥ I love you all... Michelle, Billy, Melinda, Rose, Danielle, James, Ami, and everyone else! xoxo ScaryMary

Beg me stop, hope I ♥♥ won't catch you flashing the principal, visiting your OB/GYN to get the sex toy extracted, go shopping at Toys in Babeland for the strap on revenge.

What we've become LG ♥♥ Lighting candles, Tasting each others food, Napping on the couch on Shabbat, Sky chews, Comet meows, Reading Sun NYT in bed all morning, Burma Shave.

*** TURDLINGER *** ♥♥ I heart you even if you are a Turdlinger from Turdchicawanga. xoxo forever Mary

OVARIES ♥♥ You are the only MAN in my life and I'm glad that when I need a man you can take off the queen and rough it up. tehe **KISSES**

The news paper reads ♥♥ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, BABY DOLL. I wouldn't want to be spending this day with anyone but you! "Yu est adorable" And I whole heartedly concur. Love, Kristi

OO OO MY OO OO ♥♥ Sweet as chocolate. Cute as Cupid. I love you like sugar loves lips! Happy Valentine's Day.

Johnny P ♥♥ I'll be your sweetness, if you make me your angel, my fingers are crossed. xoxo

Baby Monkey!! ♥♥ Monkey, Pantser, Boobie, Chuck-a-Puck, Spanky, Ice-Tongs, Windmill, Monko, Puggle, Pip, Spunky, Smoochie, Humpy, Credit Card, I love U all! Love BM

Skunk-Butt ♥♥ You smell weird, but I don't mind. It's hard for people like us, Bamba, but we made it a whole year-zoinks! Here's to tears in the curry. Love you, Petunia

SWEET JEN - ♥♥ I would wait another 5 years for you. I'm so glad you are finally here. Please stay close. I adore you. Love from your not-so-secret admirer

OYE GUAPO! ♥♥ Thank you for being so patient. You are wise & sexy & wonderful. I'd forgotten how sweet & true love can be. xo j.

T + D ♥♥ Tamera, you are the love of my life. You complete me! Let's get tertiary syphilis and move to Montana. Love, your kitten.

Missoula loves a boy ♥♥ To Joshua, look at me with blue eyes blue to see my love the way I do. Keep my hand within your hand and I'll keep you inside me too. Stay my man.

Chris aka DOUCHE BAG ♥♥ I love you so much I could kick you squaw in the nuts. You're the awesomest awesome to ever awesome awesome, you fuckstick. xoxo, the Ju.

Stinky Pig Face ♥♥ You still know how I feel about you, I hope. It hasn't changed. It won't change. Thanks for being an integral part of my life. Love, Miss Jenny

For No One... ♥♥ I know that you are out there. Maybe you'll even read this and by some chance of fate we will meet and fall in love. Until then you remain a stranger.

RHG - "Pooh Bear" ♥♥ I never thought that anything in this world could make me happy again. You have brought the SUNSHINE into my life. I love you in every way possible.