JUST IN CASE. Just in case the 50,000 World Trade Organization demonstrators who are expected to show up downtown at the end of the month get a little out of hand....

Just in case these protesters decide to do more than march, yell, and express their First Amendment rights, the Seattle Police Department is distributing a tip sheet to downtown businesses and business associations that gives specific instructions on how to survive a large disturbance or riot.

"The Seattle Police Department responded to community concerns by creating a basic information point sheet," explains Lucinda Payne, the director of marketing for the Downtown Seattle Association. "A lot of it's common sense, for any day or time."

The tip sheet is getting wide distribution. The Pioneer Square Business Improvement Association included the sheet in its last newsletter, which has a circulation of 2,000.

Here are some tips from the SPD's riot-damage-minimization guide:

· "At the first sign of danger, get customers away from all doors and windows at street level."

· "If there are glass windows at street level, you may consider having 3/4-inch sheets of plywood on hand in the event of the windows getting broken, so they can be covered immediately."

· "If possible, remove expensive merchandise from the front window areas. Take it to the back of the business and, if possible, place it out of view."

· "Security film or other alternative to protect glass may be considered for your windows. Special consideration should be taken to the frame holding the window. The frame should be reinforced to hold the window in place when force is applied. Duct tape should be on hand to use on the windows in case of a minor break."

· "If you operate a clothing store, alternate the position of the top of the hangers to prevent someone from removing an armful of clothing at once."

· "Confrontations are not recommended. Personal safety is more important than property."

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