For those who think the Green Party is populated by a bunch of ornery hippies with corporate-power conspiracy theories--think again. The recent Green Party nominating convention for King County's 13th District council race was crowded with Republicans. At least four Republican precinct committee officers, two Republican donors, and three folks who live with and are related to Republican party activists attended the July 7 nominating convention at the 13 Coins restaurant in SeaTac.

Given that the convention was paid for and organized by the wife of local Republican strategist Stan Shore, the Republican showing at the 13th District Greens isn't that surprising. Shore's wife, Leslie Donovan, not only organized the convention, but also told Michael Jepson, the unwitting 21-year-old Green candidate recruited to run in the 13th District council race, that she'd cover his $979 filing fee.

Again, not surprising. Donovan's husband is a paid consultant for Pam Roach--a Republican candidate in the same race. Just two days before Donovan went to work organizing the convention, Roach gave $1,000 to Donovan's husband.

Still baffled? Consider that Green presidential candidate Ralph Nader siphoned critical votes from Democrat Al Gore in last year's presidential race. Perhaps Republican candidate Roach thinks a similar election-day dynamic will help her pending Republican battle for the county council seat against state Democratic Senator Julia Patterson.

Pam Roach did not return our call.

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