East Lake Union residents Nancy Patterson and Lefki Moraitis spent part of their afternoon on July 23 chatting with the local foot-patrol officer assigned to their neighborhood. The officer spent a half hour giving the women safety advice as part of his plan to get to know the residents of the area.

Is this cop too good to be true? Apparently the women thought so, because they called the police department the next day to report the man in the blue uniform--complete with SPD patches, badge, and belt--as a possible impostor.

SPD spokesperson Scott Moss says reports of police impersonations are infrequent, and the matter is under investigation. Seattle had another impostor in July: Eighteen-year-old Zachary Davis, son of a slain Seattle police officer, was arrested after taking a police vehicle and leading other cops on a chase.

The Lake Union police report gives some details: The man--tall, thin, and in his 30s--wore a gold-colored name tag, had slicked-back light brown hair, and said he had been with the department for years.

The women he talked to could not be reached, but they said the "officer" was very friendly and gave lots of very good safety tips.


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