Photos by Jenny Jimenez

Edited by Dan Savage and Kelly O

Most writers are slobs, and the editorial staff at The Stranger is no exception. We are not the fashion police. We're not here to tell you which designers are hot. We are not interested in helping to promulgate Madison Avenue's endless stream of maddeningly arbitrary fashion decrees. ("Pencil skirts for women! Pink socks for men! Did we say socks? We meant jocks! Pink jocks!")

So what are we interested in? You. And what you're wearing right now. Because even if we can't dress ourselves, we can spot people who look good. And we can take pictures. We took tons of pictures over a couple of blustery days this spring. We found good-looking, well-dressed people in downtown, Belltown, and Georgetown, on Capitol Hill, First Hill, and Beacon Hill. Everywhere we went we found people working killer looks.

Welcome to WORN OUT, The Stranger's annual look at what well-dressed people in Seattle are actually wearing. As you'll see in these pages, Seattle's well-dressed people aren't all wearing the same thing. If just one style is in this year, Seattle didn't get—or, more likely, decided to ignore—that memo. The looks on these pages are as unique as the people wearing them.