The locally shot horror flick, showcased at STIFF!

Since 2005, the Seattle True Independent Film Festival has provided an awesome annual showcase—including low ticket prices and totally egalitarian, velvet-ropeless parties and events—for independent, underground, experimental, and zero-budget films. So it is with sadness that I report that this year's STIFF will be the last-ever Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

However! Out of the ashes of the old STIFF will arise a new STIFF, which will reemerge next year as the Seattle Transmedia Independent Film Festival. "In addition to its customary selection of diverse and distinguished short and feature-length independent films from around the world, STIFF 2015 will exhibit web series, video game concepts, storytelling apps for mobile phone and tablet, and social media narratives," as the press release explains. But for 2014, it's the same old STIFF, and you should get it while you can.

Among this year's STIFF offerings: The Anniversary, Collin Joseph Neal's horror film shot in the Pacific Northwest; Burnout, Lydia Hyslop's comedy about a party-girl pot dealer whose life is upended by marijuana legalization; A Fragile Trust, Samantha Grant's documentary about serial plagiarist Jayson Blair; OJ: The Musical, Jeff Rosenberg's narrative feature about a theater artist staging the titular musical; and Pacific Aggression, the latest work by Seattle filmmaker Shaun Scott. recommended

The 2014 Seattle True Independent Film Festival runs May 2–10 in the University District. For a full schedule of films and screening locations, see