Junglists are a tough crowd. Nice folks, but MAN do they take their shit seriously. At best, they're critical-minded tastemakers. At worst, they're a bunch of humorless assholes. Sweet Damian Higgins, a.k.a. DIESELBOY, can attest to that. Poor guy had the misfortune of arriving behind a debut LP that read: "Mixed by America's Number One Jungle DJ." Not an ideal start in a community where you're nothing till you prove yourself. Luckily for Dieselboy, he's got the skills to back the hype. One of a few jungle DJs who can tell a story with his records, Dieselboy gets the job done. No wonder he was voted Best Jungle DJ (tie with LTJ Bukem) at the '98 Global DJ Mix Awards. Thurs Feb 18, Vogue. --COURTNEY REIMER

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