Nothing inspires a writer like love.* When this inspirational love is directed at food, the result can be that rarest of things—heartwarming, appetizing, totally safe-for-work porn.

Proof: Food Fight: Love Story, in which you'll find nothing but gushing for swoon-worthy food. Among the delights: the passionately carnivorous Paul Constant's adoration of vegetarian restaurants, the mercilessly discerning Bethany Jean Clement's starry-eyed mash note to salad, Dan Savage's sensibly kinky relationship with spaghetti carbonara, and Lindy West's Mandy Moore—scented walk to remember with pancakes.

Dig in:

In Love with the ID by Angela Garbes

Love of the Good by Bethany Jean Clement

Doughnuts + Punks = Love by Cienna Madrid

I Can't Believe It's Not Cow Flesh! by Paul Constant

I Love Pancakes by Lindy West

Love Bites by Stranger Staff

*Except hate, which we're giving the week off.