Welcome to Food Fight 3. Thanks to a collision of social exuberance and tightened budgets, Seattle is experiencing a full-fledged happy-hour boom, with countless bars and restaurants courting revelers with daily extravaganzas of food and drink at dazzlingly thrifty prices. But as with Seattle's "burlesque boom" and "standup comedy boom," the question remains: Is it any good? Lucky for all, Food Fight 3: The Happiest Hour is here to help you navigate the happy-hour landscape. From lush swankness at bargain prices to outdoor paradises on patios, decks, and rooftops, to the best of the cheapy cheapy cheap, Food Fight 3: The Happiest Hour guides discriminating boozehounds to their respective heavens. Got a happy hour you think we should hype in a future issue? Let us know at happyhour@ thestranger.com. Now get happy.