In this French film, two Parisian couples meet and begin an erotic adventure. One couple is in their mid 30s; the other couple is in their early 40s. Both couples have children and jobs in the service industry: One makes jewelry, another is a web designer, another is a massage therapist, and another teaches gymnastics. They own smartphones, watch YouTube, and occasionally listen to hiphop. These social animals are you and I; we live in their world. And what the movie first attempts to do is imagine, by way of partner-swapping, a new sexual morality for this new kind of social animal (urban, technologically globalized, postracial cultural workers). The film’s tension? Can the couples sustain this kind of relationship, this sexual and emotional shuffling? The end of the movie offers a disappointing answer. Instead of bravely battling for a new race of men and women, it surrenders and leaves us with the same old, same old. recommended

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