We Regret These Errors

We Regret These Errors

Sorrowful Remorse

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From the Desk of Katie Holmes's Fetus

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We Regret These Errors.

We Regret These Erors

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We Regret We’re So Dumb

Senator Prescott Bush's grandson—known to you as President "W" or something—is a moron. I was no moron. I'm dead now, but when I was head of the FBI, I ran COINTELPRO, the bureau's spying and counterintelligence operation, which enabled me to destroy the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King Jr., the Socialist Workers Party, Nation of Islam, and Bobby Kennedy. We knew how to spy on Americans. We spied on them for 15 years!

This Bush kid gets ratted out by the New York Times after just four. How the hell did that happen? For crying out loud, the New York Times never caught me, and I was spying on them! If the pantywaists at the New York Times were onto this so-called intelligence operation, don't you think these al Qaeda terrorists have been onto it too?

This is not a good operation. Bush got caught already? After spying on, what's the number, 18,000 Americans? That's one in every 16,000. That gets you, what, 231 people, something like that, in greater Seattle, spied on illegally without their knowledge? Give me a goddamn break. That's not enough. What does this guy Bush think he's in charge of—a superpower or a summer camp?

My friend A. Birch Steen asked me to write a "regret" for this—what is this? A newspaper? Here it is: I regret I'm not in charge anymore. I regret COINTELPRO isn't around anymore. Now, we knew how to spy on Americans...