Despite spinning at the Eagle, Bus Stop, Purr, and Re-bar, as well as promoting his own nights (Frankenboot, Re-Bear) and co-hosting the fabulous Spazz 360, DJ Freddy King of Pants still finds time to do his own design work. On unconventional poster sizes, Freddy explains, "The whole point of a poster is to get noticed. When you see a pole covered by 11x17 one-color concert posters it becomes a sea of band names. What's going to jump? The full-color skinny poster. Plus it doesn't hurt that a hot, scruffy bruiser is popping out at you." So is sex appeal more important than innovative design? "I really think they're the same thing," says Freddy. "If it was just a hot picture, that would come off as slutty, and innovative design on its own can be pretentious. Basically, I believe that all art and design is about sex, so why leave one out of the equation?"