Dear Friend,

We're proud to bring you White Christmas Memories -- The Stranger Gifts Inc. catalog of fine notions and gifts -- containing over 200 of our most popular items: Toys for kids, decorative and seasonal items for the home and office, kitchen helpers, fitness and travel gear, and one-of-a-kind personalized gifts! The Stranger Gifts Inc. started out with a single magazine advertisement in 1957, for a personalized bag and belt. Then came more ads, more items, and a small catalog. With a staff of three (including the dog), we selected and designed the merchandise, wrote the ad copy, opened the mail, shipped the orders, and made the sandwiches. In other words, we did just about everything! We've come a long way in 42 years, but the basics haven't changed. We're still your personal shopper, and you can still count on us for the finest gift suggestions money can buy. (We've even included a few items you can get and give for free! How's that for holiday spirit?!) Of course, as the boy who worked down in the coffee shop used to say, we'd prefer that you bought something.

Every product contained in this catalog represents our personal shopping taste. And, like you, we look for great values. We've searched across America (and sometimes even outside America!) for great bargains and unique suppliers who supply unique gifts. Most of what you'll find in White Christmas Memories are exclusives, meaning you won't find them listed in other catalogs, anywhere. As always, all items are guaranteed with our iron-clad, 100-percent-satisfaction guarantee.*

When we look back, usually over a cup of spiked eggnog, we realize it's you, our customers and friends, who deserve the credit for the success of The Stranger Gifts Inc. We've asked for your ideas and comments, and we've listened! You asked for gifts for the hard to buy for -- whether it be for those uncles and aunts with poor judgment or for the little boy with a penchant for knives -- and we've focused on just those people. You've shaped The Stranger Gifts Inc. of yesterday and today. And you've shaped The Stranger Gifts Inc. of tomorrow. As always, thank you for shopping with us, and happy holidays.

Sincerely, The Stranger Gifts Inc. family

Phil Campbell, Erin Franzman, Alexandra Holly-Gottlieb, Wm. Steven Humphrey, Rick Levin, Stacey Levine, Min Liao, Melody Moss, Charles Mudede, Adrian Ryan, Dan Savage, David Schmader, Jennifer Vogel, Traci Vogel, Steve Wiecking, Kathleen Wilson.