This low-budget film is about two teenage graffiti writers in New York City. One, Malcolm (Ty Hickson), is black and thinks he is very clever and two steps ahead of everyone. The other, Sofia (Tashiana Washington), is also black and thinks she is as tough as gangster nails. After having one of their pieces, which is not very good, trashed by a rival graffiti crew, Malcolm and Sofia come up with a plan to bomb (throw up a massive graffiti piece on) something often seen during home runs in some baseball field. Near the middle of film, however, we are supposed to feel sympathy for Malcolm when—during a drug deal—he tries to impress a young and wealthy white woman with his big plans to bomb this something-or-other at the baseball field, and she tells him directly: “That’s stupid.” He is clearly hurt, but she is absolutely right. It’s just plain stupid. He could do much more with his life, but he is stuck doing dumb shit, and we have to watch a whole film that’s all about the dumb shit he and his partner can’t stop doing. I wanted to like this film, which is raw and often captures the multicultural spirit of an NYC sidewalk, but it just broke my heart. I kept seeing the future of these young people: One would end up prison and the other with an unwanted pregnancy.

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