Photos by Kelly O

People have been asking me: "Pastor Mark, why is Mars Hill Church so set on buying this four-acre former cardboard-box factory in Bellevue? Don't you know it's already Sound Transit property?" And I'm like: "Dude, so what? Wives are property, too—you've read Exodus, right?" I take that stuff literally, man! Wives are supposed to accommodate what Christian leaders want, and public transportation agencies should, too. Didn't you read Mars Hill's statement about all this on our website? "God rules a world that bends to His will. We believe that God wants us to have this property." Case closed.

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If Sound Transit wants to stand in God's way and align itself with the Devil, there's going to be Hell to pay. Literally. Plus, this old factory is full of awesome stuff that we don't have in our current location, like many additional acres of parking for our godly and masculine SUVs. (Like I always say, if you drive a minivan, you're just a mini-man!) Do you want those acres going to some "maintenance facility" for public transportation? Come on, bro. Let me show you some of the other good stuff...

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