W e've gawked for years from afar, but this weekend gives Seattle the rare opportunity to see the hurricane of idiocy known as the Westboro Baptist Church up close, as Fred Phelps's fag-hating, funeral-picketing, casualty-of-war celebrating gaggle of asshats picket nine(!) Seattle locations. A sampling of the targets (with explanatory text that seems like it was written by Wm.™ Steven Humphrey but is taken verbatim from the WBC website):

Stroum Jewish Community Center

Sat June 13, 6:15–7 pm

"Filthy Jews (where's the cash?); God Hates You (give him a star!); Jews killed Jesus (You bastards!);... You're gonna die (No mercy!); And go to hell (Ouch!)."

Mount Zion Baptist Church

Sun June 14, 10–10:45 am

"If you are not getting your head chopped off... you are NOTHING like John Baptist, so change the name on that building - liars! AMEN!"

Garfield High School

Mon June 15, 7:10–7:40 am

"Seattle has a later school year so we can visit the little brats before they begin their summer leave... It is only fair that they are shown some truth and light and life for one time in their sad lives."

If you'd like to gawk at the freaks with a group of equally horrified citizens, Seattle OUTprotest will be offering a "peaceful community response" to WBC's hate parades on Sunday morning. For full protest info, visit www.seattleoutprotest.org. recommended