EXTREME Bridge!!

Opening Lead -- Two of Diamonds.

So, dude! First of all, like North totally overestimated his hand, because when South exploded with one spade, North was all, "Fuck, YEAH!" about his high-card strength, and hammered down his diamonds before catapulting five spades over three hearts. Of course, South is all, "Dude, like this is so SICK!" and cuebids his ace of clubs to get the grand slam.

Now, the slam should've totally gone down one, since the other dudes were holding two cashing aces. But see, West went braindead about East's decision to hang his ass out regarding North-South's potential slam.

So, East leads with the deuce of diamonds, and everybody is like, "SPROINNNNG! DUDE! WHOA!" Because, see, West was jonesing to dummy with the K-J and East with the queen, so the declarer would be all, "Dude, I'm so glomming that jack from the dummy!" But to underlead an ace against a slam at that point? Dude, that's like huffing glue from a gas can! So South was all, "that diamond lead with the queen is so mine," cashed the ace of clubs (discarding the king of diamonds from dummy), and then fucking blew off a trump to East's ace to make the slam right IN THEIR FACE!!! Fuck YEAH, dude! Radical!! EXTREME!!!