September 23, 1999

To the staff and readers of The Stranger newspaper weekly:

As Mayor of the City of Seattle, I am pleased to send my best wishes for your 9th anniversary of publication, and for what will surely be a tremendous year to come for The Stranger newspaper weekly.

Seattle is fortunate to be the home of what I believe is one of the most influential newspaper weeklies in the world. Those who read it are able to choose from a vast array of entertaining and knowledgeable columnists: for example, the astrological predictions of Rob Brezsny's Real Astrology, the whimsical take on the world of television with Wm. Steven Humphrey's I Love Television, and the often controversial but always entertaining sex advice of Cherry Pop.

Though the biased and unsubstantiated news articles in The Stranger newspaper weekly are often poorly researched and wrong-headed, overall, I am very pleased with their coverage (and in particular, their decision to endorse me in the 1997 election).

The Stranger newspaper weekly is a unique opportunity to celebrate the diversity and spirited growth of our city (which includes, but is not limited to, the gays). As a showcase for different perspectives -- cultural and historical enlightenment, and oftentimes, outright fun -- The Stranger newspaper weekly brings us together like few other things that claim to bring us together, but in actuality, don't.

Again, on behalf of the people of Seattle, congratulations to everyone who has worked so diligently to make this year's 9th anniversary of The Stranger newspaper weekly such an eagerly anticipated celebration, and continued best wishes for a bright future. You guys really "rock."

Very truly yours,

Paul Schell