In last week's column [Ask Aquaman, Oct 7] you insisted that you and Aqualad aren't gay, but are "chums," much like "Superboy and Superman." You are a fucking idiot. Superboy and Superman aren't "chums," they're the same person! Superman was Superboy when he was a boy, hence the name Superboy! You may not be gay, but that's no excuse for being stupid.

Scott Corson


Why are you attacking me? What did I ever do to you? So I made a mistake -- I'm sorry! The only reason I wanted to do this column was to help people. I mean, what more do I have to do? Every day I do my best to stop villainy under the ocean -- all by myself, I might add! And then when I want to expand my repertoire by helping those with emotional problems, I get crapped on! It's... not... fair! So if you're just going to be negative... then please! Do not write me again!

Hey Aquaman,

Are you kidding me? That outfit you wear is SO gay!

Theresa Campbell

P.S. Superman and Superboy are the same person.


Do you want my head to explode? Do you?? Then tell me I'm gay one more time. Attention World: I... AM... NOT... GAY! Besides, what am I supposed to wear underwater? A Speedo and a swim cap? Please.

Oh, and P.S. -- Superman and Superboy are the same person? Oh, okay... got it. Thanks for reminding me. Bitch.

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