° Can physically pass through closed doors, and travel across the span of the earth with others deceived of similar error.

° Kills unbaptized people without weapons, and after cooking their flesh, eats it, puts straw or wood in place of their hearts, and though already eaten, can bring them back to life.

° Will take a live fish, and put it in her vagina -- keeping it there until dead. She then roasts the fish and feeds it to her husband to make her man more ardent in his love.

° Lies face down on the ground, uncovers her buttocks, and tells someone to make bread on her naked buttocks.

° Changes into the form of a goat, and bleats the following request, "You must be mine, or I will forthwith break your neck."

° Mixes menstrual blood with husband's food or drink.

° Bestows a foul kiss on the hind parts of a toad or dog, and sucks the animal's tongue.

° Collects up to 30 male organs, puts them in a bird's nest or a box (where they writhe as if still alive), and feeds them corn and oats.

If thou answered "Aye!" to any of these examples,

Then Thy Neighbor Art a Witch!

[Witch Quiz information courtesy of the following texts: Pope Gregory IX, Vox in Rama (Rome, 1232); Trial of a Sorcerer ManquÉ (Florence, 1404); Heinrich Krämer & Jacob Sprenger, The Hammer of Witches (Germany, 1486); Prosecution of a Witch at Bamberg (Germany, 1628); and Burchard of Worms, Corrector (Germany, c. 1008-12).]