To the American Devils:

As you may or may not know, the International Islamic Front for Jihad has issued a crystal-clear fatwa [decree] to the Islamic nation to proclaim jihad [holy war] on the United States. Many of you wonder why. The haughty U.S. government is the leader of crime and terrorism in the world, especially in their provocation of the Muslim peoples, and our hearts are filled with hatred toward the United States of America and the American president that knows no words. However, there is ONE infidel who shall incur the wrath of Allah above all others -- and he is Inspector Gadget.

Of all the criminals who have blocked the efforts of the Muslim peoples, Inspector Gadget provokes the most disgust and revulsion. He is the demon incarnate, with abilities to produce jumping springs on both head and feet, helicopter blades from underneath his hat, as well as a painful boxing glove which pops out to bloody the lips of Allah's children. Even more offensive is that he owns a talking dog (filthy animal), and all his attempts to disrupt our jihad would never have succeeded without the intrusion of his infidel niece, Penny.

Therefore, our enemy -- our target -- is every American who continues to support Inspector Gadget, whether by directly fighting us, or paying taxes. Though we may suffer death or martyrdom, the International Islamic Front for Jihad will get you, Gadget. We will get you.

Osama Bin LadenAn Open Letter from Osama Bin Laden to America