Stupid, Stupid Commemorative Plates

The Stranger's "Stupid, Stupid..." column series was a beloved landmark in Seattle journalism. Cherished nuggets of printed brilliance, all three columns -- "Stupid, Stupid Baby," "Stupid, Stupid Kitten," and "Stupid, Stupid Crouton" -- have now been immortalized on a series of commemorative plates, endorsed by the sovereign nation of Liberia. Each plate has been painstakingly crafted on pure Porcelyne©, and stamped with an official nation-of-Liberia seal to attest to its authenticity. For only $25, you can own a priceless piece of journalistic history! Only 50,000 plates are available for sale through this special offer, so don't hesitate -- order your Stupid, Stupid Commemorative Plates today! As an added bonus, order all three plates and you will receive a special limited-edition "You Fucking Ingrates" Commemorative Ladle, absolutely free!

To order your Stupid, Stupid Commemorative Plate, just call (206) 623-0500. All major credit cards accepted!