Seattle Mayor Wants Women Out of Politics




Schell's "Town Hall Meeting" an Attempt to Discourage Girls from Pursuing Political Careers By DAN SAVAGE

SEATTLE, April 22 -- In an apparent effort to discourage children--especially girls--from pursuing careers in city government, Mayor Paul Schell will host a "town hall meeting" for children of city employees on National Take Our Daughters to Work Day, Thursday, April 22, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. The meeting will take place in Council Chambers, at the Municipal Building.

Girls and boys will be permitted to ask questions of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and City Council Members, and will also have "an opportunity to watch potholes being repaired."

"We adults have a responsibility to give young people--especially girls--opportunities to imagine themselves as leaders," said the Mayor. It is widely known that there is no greater disincentive to a political career than an hour in Council Chambers, and city hall watchers contend Schell is engaging in "dirty tricks." His "town hall meeting," according to critics, may be an elaborate attempt to keep women and girls from jumping into the 2002 mayoral race.

Readers may recall that Schell beat the skirts off Jane Noland and Cheryl Chow in his hard-fought race for the Mayor's office in 1998. Both Noland and Chow had "imagined themselves as leaders" for many years.