Will the Guns Come Out
(Innovative Leisure)
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"Build. Destroy. Rebuild." off Hanni El Khatib's Will the Guns Come Out is the kind of song you put on repeat for weeks. Stout and rambunctious, it's got all the necessary ingredients for a generational anthem—primal, infectious garage riff, springing drums, and generation-defining lyrics ("Ain't no future/In the youth/Ain't no more culture/Than your crew" or "And sometimes/We're gonna make you sick/Just close your eyes/And you won't see shit," and then the chorus "Gotta build/And destroy/And rebuild/And destroy"). Just sayin'.

Born to Palestinian and Filipino immigrants, Khatib is something of an early rock-and-blues-revival renaissance man, a bridge between Greil Marcus's Old Weird America to doo-wop, R&B, garage rock, and finally to the new globalized America. If you need more evidence for that last one, the final track on the album, the cover of Funkadelic's "I Got a Thing," with its guttural blues-guitar hook, loose drums, and chorused vocals, has been chosen as the theme song for Nike's 2011 global ad campaign. recommended