Kelly O

Description: The Phinney Market Pub & Eatery is an airy and open room full of repurposed wood in giant slabs, tidy white subway tiles, and a pressed-copper ceiling. There are windows everywhere and rows of brightish lights; apart from one dramatically papered wall, the decor is spare—mirrors, mostly, and empty picture frames. The mood is cheerful but indistinct.

What else: It's a heavily family-friendly scene, and the bartender says the children coming in are largely civilized, though there is one in particular—always running around and shrieking like a total asshole. His thin little voice "drills right into your ears, but he's just the cutest boy ever. You want to bite him on the cheeks." Blue-collar retiree/handyman superstar Jim Papineau built the double-decker train table occupying the play space. It replicates the surrounding area, with blocks of wood as stores, and brew hose and copper plumbing as Gasworks Park. Green Lake is a glassy blob, salvaged from the windows of a Vietnam War–era helicopter. The table is wildly popular—surrounding it in the early evenings are "30, maybe 40" wriggly bodies, all wadded together "like a snake-ball of kid."

Happy hours: Daily 3–5 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $1 off draft beer (Unibroue Terrible, Fresh Hop Pale Ale), $2 off select wine.

Happy-hour food specials: A short list of wholesome and lightly fancy choices, such as $4 sweet-potato fries (prepared with garlic, parsley, and sweet chili aioli) and $8 hoisin steak skewers (with Chinese five-spice marinade, ginger, and soy). recommended