Saumaya Sharma

Description: From the owners of the Dray comes the Yard, the sizably patioed Greenwood lounge. Inside, though, the space is teeny, with wood coating each surface, and the narrow bar and closely arranged tables bringing a thoroughly wedged-in feeling. The effect is something like being entombed in a walnut, but that hasn't stopped the place from being overrun. The crowd's millings are largely congenial, with people watching soccer games on the couple of TVs or dispensing offhand advice: "Just apologize to him," a woman kept saying to her friend. She couldn't stop laughing, and it seemed like not such a big deal.

What else: A strange, old-timey photo decorates the private booth. It may have been a beer ad, the bartender says. It shows a group of rugged but well-dressed men staring out from a deep and woodsy wilderness. They're all so pale-eyed and haunted-looking, and the scene suggests a gallant plunging into disaster—like the Englishman Robert Falcon Scott and his team of explorers, who, as they lay dying in a South Pole blizzard, passed the time by "singing ringing songs of cheer."

Happy hours: Daily 4–6 pm (food and drink specials), 10 pm–close (food specials only).

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Happy-hour drink specials: $1 off wine, rotating drafts (the list is long, with unusual choices—$4 Walking Man IPA, $4 Tieton Cider, $4 Iron Horse Cozy Sweater), and select cocktails (the Corn and Oil has blackstrap rum, falernum, bitters, and lime).

Happy-hour food specials: A great menu of Mexican-inspired small plates, including $5 bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed jalapeños, $5 tostadas (corn tortilla, lettuce, tomatoes, and crema, with carne asada or grilled vegetables), and $5 fried tacos dorados (corn tortilla with chicken or black beans and corn). MARTI JONJAK