Caitlin Enwright

2404 NE 65th St, 729-0603

Description: A family-friendly burger house and sports bar in Ravenna, distinguished by its stunning exhibition of 1,800 exotic beer cans, which took 30 years to gather.

Name origin: It's an homage to the owner's angelic daughter Piper, which is heartwarming, but the namesake fairy tale is far more interesting.

How come? "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" is a haunting and brilliant story, made all the more compelling by its piling of bizarre ambiguities. (We never really learn who the piper is, why the townspeople rip him off, why he retaliates with such severity, or what actually happens to the kids he lures away with his magical flute.)

Modern tributes: In playwright Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman, the piper is a shadowy figure in dark robes who hauls a foul-smelling cart of empty cages. He encounters a kind boy and repays him with a gift ("The worth of which today you may not realize, but one day... you will truly value"). Using a meat cleaver, he severs the boy's toes and swiftly feeds them to a gathering of rats. This toeless boy thus becomes the fairy tale's famous "one surviving child," who escapes the fate of the other children due to his special-needs-based inability to keep up. Eek!

Happy-hour drink specials: Daily 9–11 pm, select pitchers of beer (including Shiner Bock and Snow Cap Ale) are $9.

Happy-hour food specials: Daily 9–10 pm, there's a $5 food menu (including chicken tenders with fries and a hummus plate).

Other deals: Mondays 5–10 pm, all burgers are half price. recommended