Ashlee Hunter

Description: Licorous rests immediately adjacent to its sibling restaurant, Lark, on Capitol Hill. Inside, the intricate silver ceiling brings a little dazzle, but the elegance stays distant—like the photo spreads of celebrity homes in architecture magazines. The drinks are carefully crafted, and the crowd is well dressed and calm. (If you prefer a feisty atmosphere, go somewhere else.)

Namesake: Beyond the "tempting the appetite" and "relishing good food" definitions, there are also hints of "licorice," "liquor-ish," and "lecherous." More distantly, the word suggests the act of licking one's lips to demonstrate desire, a gesture most powerful when used by cartoon characters facing starvation and picturing their companion's head grafted onto the body of a giant cooked turkey.

Happy hours: Tues–Fri 5–7 pm.

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Happy-hour drink specials: $5 wine, half-price select house cocktails (such as the Shiso Fine, featuring shiso-infused vodka with lime and pineapple juices).

Happy-hour food specials: Taco Tuesdays! They're cheap ($1 each!) and fancy (with masa tortillas, spicy pork, cotija cheese, and fresh salsa). recommended