Kelly O

Description: The Mix is a lounge and music venue located in a wonderful old brick building in Georgetown. The architecture is strange, with plenty of incidental steps and landings, and there's art everywhere, all of it bad and funny and weird (the best kind!). One example: on the balcony, a haunting arrangement of static TVs and beaten-up computers draped in mannequin parts.

What else: There's a bathtub in the bathroom, and it carries a bewildering legend. Once upon a time, the bar was open for business and someone inside the bathroom had locked the door. People stood waiting in line, their insides filled with pee, wondering what the fuck was taking so long. Someone was actually taking a bath. A bubble bath!

Another dubious bathtub tale: A woman took a scalding bath while wearing her shrink-to-fit jeans in hopes of furthering their tightness. The jeans constricted her so violently that she lost consciousness and drowned. (I know it's true—it happened to my cousin's drug-dealer's sister.)

Happy hours: Tues–Sat 6–8 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $1.50 PBR tall boys, $2 wine. recommended