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Description: A vast sports bar in Wallingford, with insides lit by the clean blue light of many televisions. Sounds echo along the walls, but no one is talking—the place feels empty even though there are many men here, studying the games.

The history of the Iron Bull's building, culled from Seattle Daily Times archives: It started as another Iron Bull, although the '60s version came furnished with go-go dancers. (This gig's turnover was apparently tremendous, judging by the regularity of calls for girls in the classifieds.) In '73, it was reborn as the shadowy Jolly Trolley, which abruptly vanished in '74 (their ads, so spare and weary, hold no clues). Then came Goldie's, described in an '81 article as a bright and whirring space crammed with pinball machines.

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 4–7 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 wells, $2 domestics (PBR, Bud Light), $3.75 micros (Manny's, Alaskan White), $4.25 imports (Guinness).

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Happy-hour food specials: $1 off everything on the menu—a standard list with some deep-fried gems ($5.95 beer-battered cheese curds, $7.45 fish and chips).

Bonus: Fridays bring $6 PBR pitchers, and on Sunday, there's free pool all day. recommended

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