Kelly O

Description: Downtown's extravagant video arcade and sports bar franchise. It's vast inside, yet there's a pent-up feel, with few windows but many flashing lights and sound effects looped in quick little bursts.

Worth noting: Alongside zillions of games, there's a Japanese photo booth, rich with futuristic effects—it's huge, so you can really move around, watching your poses on a live monitor as a range of colorful backdrops glide down the wall. (Still, all the instructions are in Japanese, which becomes stressful at the end—a voice recording sounds frantic and then a countdown timer appears for no clear reason.)

Fair warning: The games are fun but expensive, and it's easy to lose track and overspend. If you're bored and broke, just stay home and play The Floor Is Lava.

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 3–7 pm.

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Happy-hour drink specials: $2.60 wells, $2.50 wine, $2.90/16-ounce and $4/25-ounce domestics (Coors Light, Rolling Rock), $3.40/16-ounce and $4.40/25-ounce micros (Sam Adams, 9 Lb. Hammer).

Happy-hour food specials: A nice list of discounted appetizers, many of them delightfully greasy ($4.99 mozzarella sticks, $3.99 fried onion straws). recommended