Last week, GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna struck on a great way to energize voters: new campaign buttons! "The button with the most shares by the end of today will become our next official campaign team button!" announced McKenna's Facebook page, while debuting a series of designs with specially tailored slogans.

One of those slogans: "Chicks for Rob!"

"Washington State has a long history of empowering its female leaders," the campaign said, explaining the baby-chicken-featuring, woman-empowering button design. (We are not making this up—the actual design is above.)

After placing second in the August primary election, McKenna was clearly trying to show Washington voters that even folks who aren't usually part of the GOP base—such as women—really like him. Sure, McKenna's campaign opposes comprehensive reproductive coverage for women, equal right for gays, and health care coverage for the poor. But these folks will still wear a belittling tin button to show their unflagging support, right?

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The contest was generally agreed to be more tone deaf than a Helen Keller karaoke hour. So, naturally, we're encouraging the McKenna campaign to do it again.

Here you'll find the "Chicks for Rob!" button (again, this was a real button design made by his campaign) along with five new catchy buttons that we made up, which we think speak to other voters McKenna needs to attract if he wants to win this fall. recommended