Kelly O

In all my years of doing Drunk of the Week (since 2003!), I have never, even once, had a camera stolen. I've definitely lost a lot of things: house keys, driver's license, eyeglasses, my dignity... probably half of my liver. But I've never lost a camera—until last week. But it was missing for less than 24 hours, all because of the kindness and keen eye of this most excellent superhero, Ryan. He, not even knowing who I was, recovered a mysterious camera from a man who was sleeping on the sidewalk, on a virtual bed of seemingly stolen goods. Then, because of a post on Slog, my camera found its way back to me. Ryan is a security... errrrr... "peacemaker" at Neumos. Next time you see him, give him a high five or buy him a beer. HE FUCKING RULES. recommended