Hellooomosexuals! Welcome to your revolution!

You and I twirl smack in the dizzy thick of Seattle's Gay Nightlife Renaissance. I'm guessing that I'm not the only freak who's noticed.

For many long, dark years, we, the nightlifing queers of Seattle, have suffered dreadfully as Seattle's much alleged gay scene skidded to a crawl and festered in a malaise of tired places, broken-down dreams, ugly politics, and general gay hopelessness. (And... ugh, Neighbours—aka the Tomb of the Unknown Drag Queen.)

But just last year it appeared: a glimmer of light. And that glimmer grew into a new dawn for gay nightlife, finally melting the frost from our shivering bones and giving us something we haven't experienced for ages: new faces! New ideas! New new places! New old places! New drag queens! New live performers! A fresh and deeply improved gay nightscene has erupted from the corpse of the old, and it is spilling over into the streets! People are costuming themselves, not dressing. Hordes of migrating fabulousness roam the night! A sense of celebration and sexy is everywhere. And it is embracing all of Capitol Hill and beyond.

I have a big gay dream: that you and I and other very queer persons shall dance every dance, laugh every laugh, sing every song, (drink every drink!) and tickle every pickle in this, our fresh and freakish New Gay Seattle. Together.

This is where we begin! Here you and I shall explore said new faces, ideas, places, trannies, performances, and events. This will be your official gay Where, When, Who, and Why of all things Seattle, Gay, and Nightlifey. Mobilize, queer party warriors! These are your marching orders! (Every week!)

This is The Homosexual Agenda!

Don't Miss

Fri July 2: Fringe at the Eagle. Theme: "American Fag!" Always a stunning spectacle. 10 pm, $5.

Support The Stranger

Sun July 4: Fourth of July Tiniest Tea Dance at Pony! 4 pm, no cover.

Tues July 6: Taco Tuesday at the Wildrose! Sweaty. Sexy. Lesbo-centric. 9ish, never a cover.

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