(Left) Model: Ian Jagel. (Center) Model: Joseph Park. Bolo tie: Sodo design studio Studio Arno. Western shirt: personal collection of Terry Jouper. Cowboy corduroys: Belltown’s Ian. Snakeskin cowboy boots: Fremont’s Tyranny + Mutation. S&M-inspired bootstrap: Capitol Hill design studio tenth&olive. Rugged suede bag: Ballard design studio Jonquil & Mr Black. (Right) Model: Raven West. Searing neon blazer and blinging belt: Central District’s Semai House of Fashion. Psychedelic stretch dress: local independent designer Jamie Von Stratton for Capitol Hill’s Pretty Parlor. Aztec-print pencil pouch: International District design studio Ampersand as Apostrophe. Saddle oxfords: University District’s Buffalo Exchange. Ketchup-and-mustard-inspired book bag: local independent designer Katelyn Bailey. Kelly O

Welcome to college! And good fucking luck! Yeah, sure, expect thrilling cerebral highs—that have nothing to do with higher learning. College is mostly about another kind of learning: getting into and out of trouble. Oh, god, the trouble you're going to get into. The idiots who make The Stranger went to college, too, and some of us even finished! We've gotten into enough trouble in our day that we're kinda sorta experts on getting out of it, and this week, just because we like you, we share the fruits of our learning with you. recommended

Garments and 
Accessories from Local Boutiques and Designers; Fashion curated by Marti Jonjak; Photos by Kelly O; Photo assistant: Jess Wamre; Hair and makeup by Gary Manuel Aveda Institute