1. PETE KREBS AND THE GOSSAMER WINGS "Pacific Standard Time" (from the Cavity Search promo CD Sweet Ona Rose) The sound of a dark, sleepless Interstate 5 at 3:00 a.m., as another broken heart drifts by.

2. AERIAL M: "Post Global Music" (Drag City CD single) Imagine Tortoise, if they had any warmth, wit, charm, or funky little mathematical diagrams on their sleeves. Not Tortoise at all then.

3. FRED ROGERS: "A Lonely Kind of Thing" (from the Small World LP A Place of Our Own) Mister Rogers used to get me through many a paranoia-filled New York morning. "It's a lonely kind of thing to think you might do something that might make someone very mad"... indeed.

4. THE WEDDING PRESENT: "Brassneck" (from the Manifesto CD Singles 1989-1991) Brash, boisterous, and believable. Leeds' finest proto-cutie/rock band meets Steve Albini's bullshit detector.

5. LOUIS JORDAN "What's the Use of Getting Sober (When You Gonna Get Drunk Again)" (from the Decca CD Five Guys Named Moe) Exactly.

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