Look, I know exactly what you are fucking doing, and you'd better cut it out right the fuck now. I know what happened 20 years ago and I know what you did to cover it up, so just back the fuck off. I am a million times stronger than you, but I'm not going to waste my time showing it. All you need to know is it isn't going to work. You will not get me back by force, but you will drive me further away. I know about all your efforts; I see traces of you everywhere. I am more alive, and I know more of the game than you. The smart thing would be to bow out. And leave the sister out of it, whatever you do. Whether you keep pursuing me or not, leave her out of it and stop hurting her. That is neither a warning nor a request, it is your only possibility if you ever want a chance with this system again. I'm back, they're glad I'm here, they know what I did and what happened, and we know exactly who you are. I am the one in control now. The sooner you accept that, the better this will go.


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