You were three random strangers in the women's bathroom of the Sunset Tavern. As I peed, I listened to you all talk about how your hair was flat and various elements of your outfits were retarded. After I actually laid eyes on you, I told you that you all looked amazing, and you thanked me. What I wish I would have said was that in 5 or 10 years, you will look back at a photo of yourself and think, "God DAMN, I was one hot piece of pie," and you will regret that you didn't appreciate it. You are incredible, hot specimens. Own your hotness and endeavor to enjoy any man you think is worthy, because someday you will wish that you'd fucked the living bejesus out of those boys, and you will wish that you appreciated your body for what it was. You are fucking BEAUTIFUL. I see it, and so does everybody else. How sad that I didn't see it then, and how sad that you don't see it now. recommended