As God as my witness, this incident happened to me before I'd ever ingested any form of hallucinogenic or mind-altering substance. One clear evening, I was stargazing with my boyfriend on the woodsy shores of Lake Michigan. Suddenly we spotted a white deer-sized creature (but without a tail) bounding in a rabbit-like fashion from the woods to the shore. It covered some 30 yards in three huge jumps. It stopped at the water's edge and slowly turned to look at us. I have never seen anything before or since that resembles it. It was as tall as my chest, and had a doglike face with a menacing look in its eye. So menacing, in fact, that my boyfriend shoved me aside and bolted for the car. This convinced me that what I was seeing was real, and I took the opportunity to split.

One of my friends also admitted to seeing a creature that fits this description. She, too, had seen it at night on the edge of the woods bordering Lake Michigan, about 20 miles north of where I spotted it. She described it so explicitly that I knew she'd seen my "devil dog deer"--or its kin.

-- Anonymous