I don't know who you are, and I'm certain she doesn't either, but my roommate came home drugged and delirious, freaking out and out of her mind. I'm not sure what sense of morality you were able to overcome to believe that drugging a girl at a bar is a good decision, but I'm sure you've accomplished it before, you fucking waste of life. The type of person that does these things views life as a system of tedious mechanisms pushing forward to the moment you enter a drunken woman's vagina. Your sense of empathy is that of a viper, though I shouldn't insult the serpent, as at least it does its business out of necessity. You should be drugged, tied up, and gang-raped for the damage I'm certain you've accomplished in past operations. I've known too many girls who've been through this and act as if it's just something that happens. It should never be viewed as such, and your kind should be brought to justice. You sick fucking vultures. May the infections in your mind materialize to rot your dick off.