Stop your screeching, bitch. As a woman, I get it: It can be hard to grasp authority and make men listen to you, so sometimes you have to be a hard-ass. But being a screechy, whiny, self-indulgent bitch isn't the way to assert control over a situation. I've had enough of your pouting, threats, and fucking high-pitched voice. We know, as reporters, that we need to meet deadlines. It's pretty fucking clear, you stupid cunt. You threatening that we "don't want to fucking see you mad" every time you mention a deadline gives me the tremendous desire to make you mad, because then at least I might know what you are capable of. As of now, all I get to see is your insecurity ruining your chances of being respected by any member of the staff. So shut the fuck up, woman. Stop being a controlling bitch and calm the fuck down. Or don't calm down, I really don't care if you are anxious about being listened to, but at least please, for the love of God, shut the fuck up.