Steven Weissman

To my dear friend, who I like and respect in every way but this one: You do not have a gluten allergy. You just think you do. Neither does your child. I have gone along with all of your various life-changing fads-of-the-moment (remember the Atkins diet?), but this one has gone too far. I am sure you think you feel drastically different now that you have eliminated wheat from your diet. It's called a placebo effect. Look it up. And it's not just you. So many other people I consider(ed) intelligent have told me their naturopath "diagnosed" them as gluten intolerant. Now there is a whole section in QFC for gluten-free products. Now your child shows up at birthday parties with her own gluten-free cupcake. She can't eat birthday cake with the others. That's almost cruel. Who the hell diagnoses a 3-year-old as gluten intolerant? We are all born intolerant to everything but mother's milk. Somehow we get used to it all along the way. I was once intolerant to wine. That sure changed. Anyway, it's your life. Just don't expect me to provide gluten-free food at a party. And let's just let the conversation move to something other than your gluten intolerance after half an hour. It's really not that interesting.