Whenever I'm out at a bar, the QFC, or indeed anywhere, I invariably hear some over-privileged hipster refer to something sub par as "ghetto." Now, I understand that you think it's cute and hiphop and all that, but I have to ask: Have you been to a ghetto? Are you from one? Do you even know what it is? Well, I'm here to tell you. As a black woman who was born and raised in an actual ghetto called the Bronx--you may have heard of it--I am no less insulted the thirtieth time I hear it than I was the first time. The reality of the ghetto is far worse than you will ever be able to comprehend from the safety of your dorm room or your parents' house. So the next time your Urban Outfitters hoodie won't zip, think about what you're saying. If you do, it might stop you from sounding like the dumb white kid you are.--Anonymous